When choosing healthcare for you and your family, nothing is more important than being able to trust the medical advice and service you're given.
GMCClinics has been providing professional healthcare in Dubai since 1976 and is widely recognised as one of the leading practitioners in this field. All of our international medical practitioners have met the stringent licensing requirements of the Dubai Ministry of Health and our own rigorous medical standards to ensure that meet our promise of 'caring about your health'.



Oct 24, 2014 Introducing our new General Surgeon at GMCClinicsWe are excited to welcome Dr. Khallad Fares to our GMCClinics family. Dr. Fares is certified by the American Board of Surgery and did his training ...

Oct 19, 2014 A new Psychologist at GMCClinics!We are very pleased to welcome Alina Vasilache to our GMCClinics family. Alina is a Clinical Psychologist graduated in Psychology at the University ...

Oct 9, 2014 Is your back suffering from all the travelling you did during summer? Our Osteopath ...As our complimentary 15 minute back, next and shoulder check was received so well, we are offering this again till the 8th of November 2014. Call ...

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R.I.C.E and what it means!By Stephen Richardson

Pain is often as a result of damaged tissue, local swelling and pressure on a nerve. Pain is a warning system that the body uses to signal that something is wrong, hopefully preventing you from further damaging your body, a bit like a STOP signal. If you are in pain it is a good idea to get a specific diagnosis of the cause. Osteopaths can help diagnose the cause of pain and can normally reduce it with the use of manual treatment if appropriate, or refer you to the relevant specialist.

R.I.C.E is a good option to use as well….no not to eat ! But the pneumonic of Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. This is pretty self explanatory in treating a strain or a sprain, which are some of the more common injuries.

Rest - stop using the joint, as further activity is more likely to annoy and damage tissues associated with the joint.

Ice - helps to reduce inflammation, this is a natural part of the healing process but too much can cause damage by overstretching and straining tissues within the body.

Compression - this prevents too much of the inflammation expanding and damaging other tissues. Use a compression bandage lightly on the area, not too tight otherwise you may reduce circulation.

Elevation - this helps drain any excess ...


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