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    800GMCDOC: Doctors on call in Dubai

    With the Internet of Things making the world a whole lot smaller, bringing people together in ways like never before, it is no surprise that patients now expect to be given a consultation and treated whenever and wherever they feel like. Just as the service industry and gig economy have brought with it, multiple options to their customers, options that are not limited to any time or place, the medical industry must also adapt and evolve to remain competent and grow their markets.

    Services such as Doctors on call in Dubai or home medical services have been sporadically available and is becoming a popular choice for many patients. In fact, until around the 1960’s, most doctor visits were conducted at their patient’s homes. With the rise of the corporate world and centralised organisations, hospitals became popular. Followed soon by clinics, some of which became specialised and finally we have returned to a practice of Doctors on call which resembles that of older times.

    Here are some of the reasons why having Doctors on call in Dubai are making a comeback.

    It’s at home

    The first and most obvious benefit of this service is that patients can have the doctor come visit them at home rather than having to go to a medical centre. This relives the stress of having to travel to a hospital, or having to be at a hospital, which can be unnerving for some people. Patients can get their treatments and diagnosis whilst in the comfort and familiarity of their homes without having to trouble themselves with travelling.

    It’s personal

    When getting a doctor to visit your home, you have a chance to interact with the doctor in a personal and informal manner that may be hard to pull off in a hospital environment. The doctor could be given a glimpse into your day-to-day living and better understand your needs as a patient. Doctors on call are also generally bi-lingual or can be chosen based on your language preferences.

    It’s at your leisure

    One of the biggest benefits of Doctors on call in Dubai is that they are a lot more readily available on call. If you are dealing with doctors at a clinic or hospital, you will need to schedule an appointment. The doctor may only be available at a time that may not be the best suited for you. Another bonus is that most doctors on call are available even through holidays and 24/7.

    It’s comprehensive

    Most Doctors on call offer services and treatments that cover a wide range of problems and can deal with issues ranging from physiotherapy to monitoring your vitals and plenty others. You’re given the option to choose what you want and an expert in the relevant field will answer your call. Including nursing assistance.

    If you’re looking to get personalised, professional and planned medical treatments in the comfort of your own home, then GMCClinics 800GMCDOC is your best choice. It now offers Home Healthcare Services around the clock. With multi-lingual doctors and services that include, but are not limited to, nebulizers, vaccinations, infections, high blood pressure, STD’s and more. Click here if you’d like to find out how you can have a doctor visit you in the comfort of your own home; or call 800GMCDOC (800462362) to book an appointment.