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    School Medicine

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    School Medicine Department in GMC Clinics

    School Medicine (School Doctor) is a priority position within any school in order to ensure a complete service of health related care to the students and for the maintenance of a healthy school environment.

    Our School Department provides medical care for children and adolescents in kindergartens/ nursery and schools. Our Specialists Pediatricians, GPs with Professional Degree – have extensive knowledge of Health and Safety Policies, DHA Regulations and have extensive experience in managing school’s health related requirements. Our Doctors are also well aware of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health’s rules and regulations for operating and managing the school.

    School Doctor is responsible for health, hygiene and wellbeing of students and staff of the school. In coordination with the School Health Nurse, they are responsible for the physical/medical examination of students, offering first aid and emergency care, the prevention concept and control of communicable diseases and for the maintenance of all student’s health records and reports.

    The main focus of work is prevention: prevention of infectious diseases by vaccination of children and adolescent and epidemiological well-being in educational institutions. Same is offered by our specialized Doctors having the highest level of expertise who also offer a personalized medical care combined with quality & compassion in Dubai.

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