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    ADHD/ADD assessment available at GMCClinics

    Alina Vasilache, our Clinical Psychologist is available for appointments in Jumeirah and Tecom.

    What is ADHD/ADD?
    ADHD/ADD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a chronic condition defined by persistent inattention, hyperactivity, and sometimes impulsivity. Although it is a condition that starts during early childhood it is not only specific for children as 30% to 50% of them will continue to present symptoms even as adults. The early detection of this disorder is essential in order to reduce as much as possible the negative consequences in a child’s life. Symptoms are very commonly identified when parents and teachers are noticing specific difficulty in the child’s behavior such as lack of concentration, lack of control of impulses, disruptive actions and constant restlessness.

    Within the same condition there are different types of ADHD/ADD:

    1. Attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity and/or impulsivity

    The following descriptions may indicate the inclusion in this category:

    • Appear not to be listening
    • Unable to stick to only one task or getting bored extremely easily
    • Very talkative
    • Daydreaming
    • Making careless mistakes in school work or home given tasks
    • Losing things or items such as pencils, water bottles, notes
    • Difficulty organizing themselves
    • Avoiding tasks that requires them to concentrate and sit still
    • Extreme distraction
    • Always “on the go” and sometimes even disruptive
    • Unable to resist temptations and wanting the things on the spot
    • Tendency to always fidget with hands or feet and to generally move

    2. Attention deficit disorder, inattentive type

    Children may suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder without presenting hyperactivity or impulsivity. Yet they can present with:

    • Do not appear to “listen”
    • The levels of activity are normal or low
    • Very difficult to organize themselves
    • Very difficult to focus, follow instructions, remember things
    • Not finishing tasks
    • Fail to pay attention to details and make frequent mistakes in daily activities
    • Daydreaming during classes or conversations

    Children with ADHD can struggle to function well at home and in school and the correct intervention is needed in order to minimize problem behavior. It is a condition that should only be diagnosed by psychologists, psychiatrists and pediatricians. Our Psychology Department offers full cognitive assessment for ADHD, which includes evaluation by using standardized and informal tests and appropriated recommendations and accommodations regarding the intervention after the assessment.

    The treatment of this condition involves medication, which is recommended depending on the severity of the case and/or behavioral therapy. The behavior management strategies must be applied at home and at school, in a consistent manner and they are mainly based on immediate reinforcement of positive, desired behavior. Parents, teachers, and professionals working with children must always remember to focus more on their potential and try to maximize it rather than focusing on their difficulties.

    Full cognitive and psychological assessment: 5000 AED

    The price includes:

    • 1 Initial Parent Consultation (500AED)
    • 3 sessions with the child for the assessment (4500AED)
    • Written Report
    • 1 feed-back session for handing out and explaining the report

    To make an appointment with Alina Vasilache, please call your preferred clinic:

    Jumeirah: 04 349 4880
    Tecom: 04 567 688

    Alternatively you can contact Alina directly via email on: safeplace@gmcclinics.com.