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    Author: GMCClinics

    Dermatologist Tips to Protect Your Skin during Dubai Summer

    Dermatologist Tips to Protect Your Skin during Dubai Summer

    Caring for your skin during summer in Dubai requires more than just slathering on some sunscreen and hoping for the best. This is the hottest season in Dubai, and the high temperatures can take a toll on your skin. Apart from the heat, you also have to deal with the humidity, dust, wind, and sandstorms, which can impact your skin’s health. Summer in Dubai doesn’t have to be a time to...

    Muharram Al Hijri New Year Clinic Timings

    On the auspicious occasion of Al Hijri New Year , all GMCClinics branch will be operational as per the below schedule: BRANCH AUG 23 (SUNDAY) GMC Jumeirah Medical 8:30am - 7:00pm GMC Jumeirah Dental 9:00am - 7:00pm GMC Green Community 8:30am - 7:00pm ...

    Dr. Shaju George Joins GMCClinics Jumeirah Medical

    We are pleased to announce that Dr. Shaju George,  Specialist Psychiatrist with 19 years of clinical experience in Psychiatry has joined GMCClinics Jumeirah Medical.  He has obtained his specialisations in Psychiatry from prestigious medical colleges in India. He is experienced in offering both outpatient and inpatient services for behaviorally ill clients. In addition to his MD from India, he is a specialist Aero medical examiner in Aviation psychiatry with certification from...

    Dr. Azan Binbrek Consultant Cardiologist joins GMCClinics

    We are pleased to announce that Dr. Azan Binbrek, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist has joined GMCClinics Jumeirah Medical branch. He speaks fluent English and Arabic.  Dr. Binbrek was educated in the UK. He received his MBChB from the University of Glasgow in 1971. He obtained various qualifications subsequently in the UK: DCH, Glasgow in 1973; MRCP, UK in 1975; FRCP, Edinburgh in 1986; and FRCP, London in 1988. Dr. Binbrek was a house officer...

    Dr. Naeem Moideen available at Trade Centre

    We are pleased to announce that Dr. Naeem Moideen Specialising in Orthodontic Treatment has joined GMCClinics World Trade Centre Apts. branch. He speaks fluently in English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil & Malayalam.  Dr. Moideen is an expert at providing orthodontic dental treatments practicing since 2012 with over 15 years of experience in the field of dentistry. He specializes in treating various dental malocclusion involving crowding, proclination, deep bite, crossbites, and open bite....

    Gastroenterology in Dubai - How Can a Gastroenterologist Help You

    Gastroenterology in Dubai – How We Can Help You

    A gastroenterologist is a medical expert whose profession deals with conditions and diseases that attack the digestive structures and organs. Gastroenterology in Dubai are experts in how our digestive systems function. They not only treat these problems, but they also help kids and adults learn how to maintain healthy digestive systems. Your family doctor might refer you to a specialist in the UAE if you experience abdominal pains, difficulty swallowing, and...

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