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Tecom and Green Community OPEN ON FRIDAY

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    Author: GMCClinics

    National Day Holidays

    On the occasion of the Prophet's (PBUH) birthday, Commemoration day and UAE National Day, all GMC Healthcare LLC units will operate as per the following schedule: Jumeirah Dental and Corporate Office will be closed on 30th November and 2nd December 2017 and will reopen on Sunday 3rd December 2017. Trade Centre clinic will be open on 30th November and Closed on 2nd December 2017 to reopen on Sunday 3rd December...

    GCAA Initials Now Available

    Following shortly on the heels of being announced Silver award winners as Medical Clinic of the Year, we are pleased to announce that GMCClinics is now privileged by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) to provide aviation initial medicals in addition to renewal medicals, as per the below table. Aviation Category       Initial      Renewal   Class I ✔ ✔ Class II ✔ ✔ Class III ✔ ✔ Cabin Crew ✔ ✔ LSA ✔ ✔ In addition to the GCAA, GMCClinics also conducts the following foreign aviation medicals: ...

    Pap Smear: A little Awkward, but a must

    A pap smear is a simple test for women to detect the prevalence of Cervical cancer. It is also used to detect the HPV virus, some strands of which are known to cause cervical cancer. It is a quick and relatively simple procedure and causes only a mild and brief discomfort for women during the process. A pap smear or pap test will involve collecting cells from the walls of your...

    Cost of Flu Vaccination

    Vaccinations are injections that help boost your immunity to specific and dangerous illnesses and diseases. A vaccine contains killed or weakened organisms that allow your body to build up a defence against them in the case of future infections of the same virus or bacteria. It is generally considered an important and compulsory procedure especially for children in school where chances of infections spreading are high. There are several types of...

    New General Practitioner Joins GMCClinics Trade Centre Apts. Branch

    Dr. Leila Mayra is an American graduate of Concordia University, Michigan USA earning a bachelor’s degree with high honors in pre-medicine a minor in psychology and her MBBSCH degree in medicine and general surgery at Dubai Medical College. Her vast experience in various fields of medicine include: cardiology, pediatrics, gastroenterology, hematology, endocrinology, psychiatry, dermatology and obstetrics/gynecology. She offers the following services: Diagnosis and treatment of emergency and non-emergency general health problems. Management of...

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