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    Commercial Commitment Silver Jubilee

    GMCClinics recently received Commercial Commitment Silver Jubilee Certificate from Department of Economics Development, Government of Dubai for our commitment to commercial laws and regulations of the emirate of Dubai for 25 years. ...

    New Doctor now at GMCClinics!

    We are excited to welcome Dr. Nabil Cachecho - Specialist Paediatrician on out GMCClinics family. Dr. Cachecho, a Canadian, is working as Pediatrician since 1987 and managed his own clinic in Damascus until 2013. He is also a pediatrician of the french school of Damascus, and volunteered doctor of SOS villages for 15 years. He started working in Dubai in 2013 as Specialist Paediatrician with special interest in feeding programs for babies...

    Tips and health facts about Ramadan

    Since you will be fasting for up to 15 hour each day keeping the following points in mind will help you be well prepared. General Advice Wear light coloured clothing and cooler fabrics where ever possible and decrease layers of clothing. Stay out of the sun and opt for cooler areas wherever possible. If you feel hot or dizzy lie down and out a cool/ wet towel over your forehead. Listen...

    Platinum Invisalign Provider

    Dr. Nizar Ishaq, our Orthodontist, has been awarded Platinum Invisalign Provider! Everyone looks better when they smile. An attractive smile can make you feel happier, more relaxed and get people to notice you for the right reasons. Having crowded teeth or gaps between teeth makes you self-conscious about smiling. But what can you do? Conventional braces can be unsightly and make you feel worse. Brackets and wires can cause discomfort, and affect...

    World Hypertension Day!

    Hypertension (high blood pressure) is known to affect one in every three adults worldwide. It is also one of the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes. On World Hypertension Day GMCClinics would like to promote awareness regarding Hypertension and to encourage people to take steps to prevent and control this modern day health problem. 6 ways to reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure: Maintain a healthy body weight Exercise...

    Smiling safely in the sun!

    The weather is really warming up, and if your kids are going to be out in the sun, they need to stay safe. Let's find out how. The Facts Skin Cancer rates are increasing. The rise in the incidence of skin cancer over recent decades has been strongly related to increasing popular outdoor activities and recreational exposure. Especially in regions such as the middle east where temperatures are high and sun exposure is year round. Increasing sun...