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    Author: Dr. Menhal Jarbou - General Dentist, Implantologist

    Dental Implants with Dr. Menhal Jarbou (Interview ) – arabic

    [embed]https://youtu.be/3idWkOZf9YQ[/embed]  AS POSTED ON SABAH ARAB - SABAH AL ARABIYA  المذيع: قد تتسبب بعض الأمراض أو الحوادث في تلف الأسنان أو فقدانها، ولتعويضها نلجأ إلى زراعة الأسنان. هي عملية تهدف إلى غرس زراعات معدنية جديدة مكان الأسنان المفقودة لتُستبدل بعدها بسن اصطناعية تشبه الأسنان الحقيقية بصورة كبيرة من حيث الشكل والأداء.للمزيد، ينضم إلينا في هذا الأستوديو الدكتور منهال محمد، طبيب الأسنان وأخصائي زراعة أسنان أيضا. المذيعة: صباح الخير دكتور. الدكتور: صباح الخير وشكرا على...

    Dental Implant with Dr. Menhal Jarbou (Interview )

    [embed]https://youtu.be/3idWkOZf9YQ[/embed]  AS POSTED ON SABAH ARAB - SABAH AL ARABIYA  Broadcaster: Some diseases or accidents may cause damage or loss to the teeth, and to compensate such loss, we resort to dental implants. It is an operation aiming at implanting new metal implants instead of the missing teeth, to be replaced afterwards by an artificial tooth that closely resembles the real teeth in terms of shape and performance.For more information, we host...


    Aesthetic Gynecology clinics in Dubai and what they offer

    Aesthetic Gynecology is a relatively new field in the medical industry but is gaining momentum and has become common practice among women in the past few years. It is however, an extremely personal affair and one that many may not be comfortable discussing with. This article should help you understand the practice better and perhaps help you decide whether you want to get yourself any of the several treatments offered by...

    Tooth Filling Cost in Dubai – Understanding Your Options

    Tooth fillings help make up for all that’s lost in the cavities of your teeth. Once all the decayed pulp and portions have been removed, through irrigation, drilling and/or air pressure, a dentist would use a filling to close the cavity so that the tooth can continue to function normally. Tooth fillings are not all the same and there are many options available for you to choose from. Some of these...