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    Dental Implant with Dr. Menhal Jarbou (Interview )

    [embed]https://youtu.be/3idWkOZf9YQ[/embed]  AS POSTED ON SABAH ARAB - SABAH AL ARABIYA  Broadcaster: Some diseases or accidents may cause damage or loss to the teeth, and to compensate such loss, we resort to dental implants. It is an operation aiming at implanting new metal implants instead of the missing teeth, to be replaced afterwards by an artificial tooth that closely resembles the real teeth in terms of shape and performance.For more information, we host...

    Why and When Should You See a Urologist

    You shouldn’t be alarmed when your doctor refers you to a urologist. This medical specialist diagnoses and treats urinary tract diseases and any disease involving men’s reproductive tract. Urological conditions affect people in the UAE and worldwide; it is crucial to seek help whenever you have a problem. Sometimes urologists perform surgery to remove a blockage in the urinary tract or cancer. You can find urologists in hospitals, urology centers,...

    What a Cardiologist Can Do for You

    Did you know that cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading cause of death worldwide? Cardiovascular diseases are prevalent in the UAE because of the presence of risk factors. For instance, lack of physical activity, unhealthy diet, tobacco use, etc. People in the UAE suffer from cardiovascular diseases earlier than the rest of the world. Individuals with conditions like high blood pressure raised glucose, obesity, and increased blood lipids have a...

    Health Risk of Smoking (No Tobacco Day)

    [embed]https://youtu.be/-Tm1Jskwh0c[/embed] Let us spread and encourage everyone on the health risk of smoking and dangers of using tobacco and what people around the world can do to claim their right to a healthy living.  On this trying time when COVID-19 pandemic is rampant, smokers are at an even higher risk of developing severe health risk of smoking cigarette. Dr. Shahla Karami, General Practitioner for over 15 years talks about the effect of how...

    What Conditions Do ENT Specialists Treat?

    ENT Specialists deal with various conditions suing surgery and medical treatment If you’ve ever visited your primary care doctor with an ear infection, sore throat, or sinus problem, you might have been referred to an ENT. ENT stands for ear, nose, and throat. ENT specialists are also referred to as Otolaryngologists – these are specialists trained in the surgical and medical treatment of diseases and conditions in the nose, ear, and...

    Role of Stem Cell Therapy in the management of heart disease

    Stem Cell Therapy in the Management of Heart Disease

    [embed]https://youtu.be/wjCBslrP4x8[/embed] Dr. Yahya Kiwan, Senior Interventional Cardiologist in Dubai & Stem Cell Researcher. Will share with his opinion about the role of Stem Cell Therapy in the management of heart disease. What are the functions and characteristics of stem cell Now stem cells they have the ability of self-division, they have the ability of cell differentiation into any other cells in the body. They have ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FUNCTION. They have IMMUNO MODULATORY FUNCTION. They...

    7 Things You Should Absolutely Never Do with Contact Lenses

    Did you know that the average age of contact lenses wearers globally is 31 years? Before getting contact lenses, you need to consult a specialist in the UAE to get tested. Many people wear contact lenses, although it’s not easy to tell. Contact lenses are thin, arched lenses placed on the eye’s surface. You can choose hard or soft lenses, although most people prefer the latter. People can choose various...