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    Dubai Dental Advice: Can You Have Braces or Invisalign after Dental Veneers?

    Dubai Dental Advice

    Dubai Dental Advice: Can You Have Braces or Invisalign after Dental Veneers?

    The decision to get dental veneers can transform your life. You only need one dentist visit to get a new smile and fix stains. If you have a crooked smile or gaps, you might wonder whether it’s possible to have more orthodontic work done. You can get braces or invisalign; your dentist will advise you on the best option.

    General dentists perform various orthodontic procedures in the UAE. Veneers are ultrathin porcelain attached to your teeth or tooth to cover their natural color, shape, and features. You can get a veneer on a single, multiple, or all your teeth. Although many people assume that veneers and other dental procedures are expensive, this is not true; it varies from physician to physician.

    Braces vs. Invisalign

    Braces can help to fix crooked teeth and bring your smile and self-esteem back. Most people think that braces are reserved for teenagers only; however, you can get them at any age. Braces are ideal as long as you have strong gums, but you should consider another treatment if you have poor dental health or weak gums. This is because they exert a lot of pressure on your gums; you need flexible, robust, and tough gums.

    Invisalign performs the same role as braces; however, they look different. Invisalign are clear hard plastic aligners custom-made for your mouth. They need to be examined and replaced during the first few months. Most people love Invisalign because they are comfortable and attractive; however, you need to wear them for at least 22 hours a day.

    Braces or Invisalign, Which is Ideal When You Have Dental Veneers?

    dental veneers

    If you have veneers, you can get your teeth straightened by using braces or invisalign. Here is what you need to know before choosing any of these methods.


    Most people assume that you cannot get braces when you have veneers; however, this is just a misconception. This treatment does not damage your veneers unless it’s already damaged/unhealthy. It is necessary to consult a reputable dentist to fix your braces in Dubai; the procedure is done with precision and carefully removed after the prescribed time has passed.

    You can choose any of the following options:

    Braces on the Back of Your Teeth

    These are also called lingual braces; they are similar to traditional braces, but they are attached to the back of your teeth and are almost invisible. These braces are custom-made for you; the brackets used fit your teeth perfectly.

    Before getting braces in Dubai, the dentist examines your teeth to decide whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure. He then takes pictures and impressions of your teeth; these help to monitor your progress. Once a treatment plan has been established, you can pick a date for the procedure, get the braces fixed and removed after the treatment.

    Braces on the Front Teeth

    Did you know that it’s possible to get braces on the fronts of your teeth? These braces are fixed on your 6 front teeth only. This procedure is mostly done for aesthetic purposes. This is a quick way to achieve the results you want because it takes only 3-6 months. This treatment is also cheaper than other orthodontic procedures. However, you need to know that a lesser treatment period might have limitations.

    Removable Braces

    These braces are made of stainless steel components and an acrylic base. Some are made of a clear plastic tray. Getting removable braces is not painful; however, your mouth might be sore for at least 3 days when they are adjusted. If your braces cause sore parts on your mouth by rubbing against your skin, make an appointment or trip to your orthodontist.

    Although they might affect your speech in the first few days, you can eat normally. Don’t remove your these braces when eating unless instructed to do so. Take care of your braces and teeth and avoid hard foods, fizzy drinks, sweets, and other foods that might slow your progress.


    Invisalign are also ideal if you have veneers; they do not damage your teeth. Most people who are conscious about their smile and want to fix it discreetly opt for invisalign. You must visit your dentist to check and replace your invisalign in Dubai; this helps your teeth to gradually move to the desired position.

    If you want this treatment, you should consult your orthodontist to see if you qualify for the procedure. The treatment plan starts when the physician takes imprints of your teeth; each patient’s invisalign is unique to his teeth. You are required to wear each set of your aligners for 2 weeks and then get a new set. As the plan progresses, your teeth start aligning, giving you the desired smile. The treatment duration varies for different people depending on the extent of the problem.

    Here is what you need to know before getting invisalign:

    Will they Work?

    This treatment works if you wear them for at least 22 hours a day. Remove them during meals unless when drinking cold water. If you don’t adhere to the instructions given by your physician, treatment might take longer, or you might not achieve the desired outcome.

    Are they Painful?

    Although the procedure is not painful, you might experience discomfort when transitioning to the next set; this shows that the teeth are moving and the treatment is working. It might take a few days to get used to them; however, different patients have varying experiences. Some might experience discomfort for a few days, while others have to endure throughout the treatment.

    How Do You Maintain Them?

    Invisalign are easy to clean, and you don’t need any special devices. Rinse your Invisalign with running water every time you take them out; this eliminates food particles, saliva, and bacteria. Brush and floss your teeth regularly.

    Crooked and stained teeth can erode your confidence; however, orthodontic procedures like dental veneers, braces, and Invisalign can fix this. Unlike what most people think, you can get braces and Invisalign when you have veneers. You only need to follow the physician’s advice and take care of your teeth to achieve the desired results.

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