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    8 Healthy Tips During Home Quarantine

    8 Healthy Tips During Home Quarantine

    Coronavirus has caused the standstill of many businesses and how we run our everyday lives. We’re required to stay for home quarantine to minimize the spread of Coronavirus which can be transmitted from person to person. As Coronavirus continues to spread across the UAE and all over the world, it’s crucial to take care of your physical health and mental wellbeing as you stay home. This is because the human mind...

    FLU Facts - Flu vs Cold and How Doctor on Call Can Help

    FLU Facts: Flu Vs Cold and How Doctor on Call Can Help

    How do you know whether you have flu or cold? It is easy to confuse the two. You might have a stuffy nose, sore throat, and a headache. You could be having either of the two, but you can’t be sure. Unless your doctor runs a comprehensive test using a cotton swab at the back of your throat, it is not advisable to self-diagnose. Healthcare providers in the UAE urge people...

    Home doctor services in Dubai

    The world is a much smaller and better-connected place now than ever before. Advances in the field of medicine and communications mean it is now easier for a doctor and their patients to keep in touch than was previously possible. Couple this with the fact that clinics and hospitals are now focused on catering for patients and addressing their every need and you’ll find the rise of home doctor services...

    Benefits of using doctor at home services

    Home healthcare is not a new service, but the rise of a customer-first economy and the need to offer more convenient services has lead to a resurgence in the practice of a visiting doctor. Home medical services are now pretty common and the benefit of using doctor at home services are plenty. With more and more patients demanding fast and easy assistance, the medical industry needs to keep up if...