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    Children’s dentist in Dubai – Start with your child’s dental care while they are still young

    A smile is one of the most beautiful features a person can have. A healthy and appealing set of pearly white teeth is the standard symbol of attractiveness. Having such a captivating smile can only come through proper dental care and developing good dental habits from a young age. Visiting the dentist with your children however can get a bit tricky.

    Kids are not always the most comfortable in new situations and this can be a problem when taking them to the dentist.  It is important that you establish good dental practices with your children early in their lives which should make it easier for them to adapt to as they grow older.

    If you haven’t had your kids visit the dentist so far, then now may be a good time to take them to a children’s dentist in Dubai. Here are a few notes on dental healthcare and how to make your child’s dental experiences an easy and enjoyable experience.

    Specialised Services

    There are dentists and then there are children’s dentists in Dubai. You’ll need to make sure visit a dentist who specialises in working with children. These dentists generally work in clinics that are specifically designed for younger patients, with colourful artwork, toys and other fun items that could help keep the child engaged or distracted while the dentist can work. These dentists also work with support staff who are good with children and can help ease a child into their check-up.

    Younger or older

    Baby teeth begin showing in an infant’s mouth as early as 6 months and the process is known as teething. Taking your children into the dental practice from a young age (they can even come with you when you have a routine checkup) helps them get used to the environment. It is generally considered a good practice to have a primary dentist who you regularly visit which will allow your kids to get ‘get to know the face’ makes visiting the dentist a lot easier on your child.

    Practice makes perfect

    • Start teaching your kids about good dental hygiene at a young age and they will be accustomed to brushing their teeth daily among other useful and effective dental practices.
    • Use fluoride toothpaste from the beginning but with small amount rice grain size of toothpaste till the age of 4 years old and then pea size of toothpaste starting from 4 years old.
    • Limit their sugar and starch intake to keep plaque at bay. Practice eating a balanced diet.
    • Teach your kids to floss and brush their own tongues from ages 4 onwards.

    Accidents do happen

    If your child has an accident and loses or chips a tooth, take them to a children’s dentist in Dubai right away. They will be able to address the problem quickly but you may consider giving your child an over-the-counter pain reliever to fight the pain while you get them to the dentist.

    How often is too often

    As an infant, your child’s needs to visit the dentist should be around twice a year. As they grow older, you may only need to bring them in once a year for a check-up and depending on their dental conditions, a few more times to resolve any dental problems they may have.

    In Conclusion

    There are many children’s dentists in Dubai that offer many services and options to parents. It is up to you, the parent, to bring your children to the dentists regularly and to make sure they practice good dental hygiene, making sure they are acquainted with their dentists and dental clinics. A good place to bring your children for their annual check-ups would be the GMCClinics in Dubai. With specialised dentists who have years of experience, you can expect nothing but the best for your children. Give us a call now to book your appointments.