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    Corona Virus and Your Heart

    Corona Virus and Your heart by Dr. Yahya Kiwan Consultant Interventional Cardiology highly recommended cardiologist in Dubai GMCClinics in Dubai

    Corona Virus and Your Heart

    Dr. Yahya Kiwan, Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist in Dubai, shares his input on the effect of COVID-19 Corona Virus and your heart.

    Patients with heart diseases or with cardiovascular risk factors are at higher risk of getting their heart affected by the virus when suffering from COVID-19.  

    Dr. Kiwan, a Cardiologist in Dubai compiled a list of things a heart patient should know during this pandemic.

    Does corona virus affect the heart?

    Simply, YES


    What are the percentages of people get their heart involve with the disease?

    In general about 10 to 15% of people who are infected with corona they get moderate to severe disease. These types of people will get hospital admission and only 1/3 of these people they might get their heart involved. It means 3-5% of people who have corona infection their heart might get involved.


    What type of people or who are at the risk of getting their heart involved?

    There are two types of people who might get chance of their heart involved

    1. People who already have heart disease or any heart condition they are liable to get the infection
    2. Or people who are at higher risk – definition: any patient or person who is more than 65 years of age who is having hypertension, diabetes, smoker and obese.


    What heart condition /  involvement by corona virus?

    Corona virus can affect the heart in many ways:

    1. Direct involvement of the heart muscle called myocarditis.
    2. Severe heart failure
    3. Irregularity of heart beats called arrhythmia
    4. Blockages of minor or major coronary arteries supplying the heart muscle leading to minor or major heart attack
    5. Direct involvement of the heart muscle due to severe immunological response of the body against the virus


    If I am a heart patient and having medication, do I need to stop or change my current medication?

    Don’t stop or change your medication. If you have any concern and you got corona virus and you have medication, just simply communicate with your doctor / cardiologist and he will take care of your issues.


    Last and not the least: Is there any treatment for COVID-19 corona virus infection?

    There is no treatment as any other viral infection. The most important thing is prevention. Ways of prevention:

    1. Proper face mask
    2. Proper hand hygiene
    3. Proper social distancing
    4. Vaccination and all these safety measures.

    Let us help you control the spread of illnesses such as COVID and make sure to follow these simple steps to ensure each and every one’s safety during this pandemic.

    GMCClinics in Dubai is offering post COVID-19 Infection Heart Checkup which includes consultation with a Consultant Cardiologist, ECG and Echocardiogram.


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