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    Dental Implant with Dr. Menhal Jarbou (Interview )

    Dental Implant with Dr. Menhal Jarbou (Interview )


    Broadcaster: Some diseases or accidents may cause damage or loss to the teeth, and to compensate such loss, we resort to dental implants. It is an operation aiming at implanting new metal implants instead of the missing teeth, to be replaced afterwards by an artificial tooth that closely resembles the real teeth in terms of shape and performance.
    For more information, we host today in this studio the Dr. Menhal Mohammed, a General Dentist and Implantologist as well.

    Broadcaster: Good morning, Doctor.

    Doctor: Good morning, and thank you for your hosting.

    Broadcaster: Doctor, we talk today about dental implants in many cases, but when is the best solution for or an alternative to the traditional dentures?

    Doctor: In fact, the implantation can be a compensation for the real teeth in cases of fractures, such as in accidents, for young people, for the people who practice violent or non-violent sports, or for the elderly who lose their teeth as a result of aging or as tooth loss. The implants are effectively an ideal solution for most cases of tooth loss, regardless of the causes.

    Broadcaster: Doctor, why do doctors prefer to keep the teeth until the last breath without implants, meaning that someone can lose a certain part or a large part of the tooth, therefore, why do we resort to put the crown instead of implantation?

    The doctor: In fact, there is a historical reason related to this issue, from the historical point of view, the tooth should be preserved by all means, but we should take into account different points of view, there are practical studies if the nerve is treated in the tooth for a long time, for example, and if we wanted to retreat the same due to the existence of inflammation, in this way we practically waste time and effort and also this is an investment due to the requirement to spend money on it in exchange for the possibility of the success or failure of the operation, therefore, we prefer practically to resort to a solution of which success possibilities are very high. The success here means dental implants of which success rate ranges between 95% and 98% for the first five years and 90% within ten years, and this is actually a very high percentage, especially if the implant is carried out under good working conditions and by professional specialists.

    Broadcaster: Are dental implants suitable for diabetics and elderly also, there are effects on the bones, especially the jaw?

    The doctor: In fact, a study shall be conducted for each patient separately. It is very important that the sugar level shall be moderate and under certain proportions, noting that cooperation in this regard shall be made with the endocrinologist attending the patient, but usually, the dental implant is not anti-diabetic in general.

    For elderly, they usually suffer from “osteoporosis”, which requires another solution, and some medications may be required in order to enable us to carry out a dental implant.

    In all events, we are currently witnessing a huge progress in this field, so that we resort to bone grating and platelet rich plasma, which greatly improves the results, as we are now able to do certain things that we have not been able to do during the past years.

    Broadcaster: This is for diabetics, but what about people who suffer from high blood pressure, does the dental implantation affect them and are there obstacles confronting the patient in the event of selecting dental implantation?

    Doctor: In fact, blood pressure is not a barrier colliding with implantation, thanks to the ability to easily control such high pressure, while the main problem remains in anaesthesia, as adrenaline is usually used during anaesthesia, and it is known that adrenaline raises blood pressure, however, we can choose using anaesthesia without adrenaline. There are always alternatives, and we will not stop helpless in such cases.

    Broadcaster: Do the time and degrees of recovery differ from a patient to another, as per the cases?

    Doctor: Indeed, diabetics need a longer period of time to recover, as recovery usually requires a period of 6 or 7 weeks for full recovery, however, the diabetics need 3 or 4 months to recover.

    Broadcaster: Should diabetes be treated before dental implantation?

    Doctor: However, such patient needs a longer recovery period.

    Broadcaster: Can all teeth be implanted in one session?

    Doctor: Yes, that is possible, but with certain conditions. One-day implantation is possible, but not for all patients. It is possible to carry out an implantation and put a crown on the tooth, of which purpose is aesthetic more than functional, i.e. it is an ineffective tooth and does not participate in chewing.

    Broadcaster: Is it possible to remove the tooth and make implant in the same session?

    Doctor: yes, the dental implant operation consists of two pieces, the part planted into the bone and the upper part appearing in the mouth, therefore, these two pieces are fitted together, and then we place the bridge upon which we put the tooth, whether a single tooth or several teeth.

    Broadcaster: A pain, swelling or blueness of the cheek may occur following the dental implant, what is the reason of that?

    Doctor: The reason is the body reaction and operation type, and if the place of implantation is large, this may lead to side effects, but drugs can be prescribed in order to reduce the pain and swelling, but in fact, this is a very insignificant price in exchange of obtaining a tooth or a set of teeth identical to the real teeth.

    Broadcaster: If, for example, a young man has a set of nerve-drawn teeth and has installed bridges and fillings, would you recommend dental implants?

    Doctor: I do not advise him to do that, especially if the nerve is nicely treated. There is nothing that could replace the real teeth. There are other solutions for the existing teeth, such as crowns.

    Broadcaster: Is it necessary to change the metal composition after a certain period of time?

    Doctor: The metal composition will not be changed because it is designed to last for life. Since the invention of dental implants for the first time by Dr. Branemark, he experimented the implantation of four implants in the lower jaw and such implants lasted for forty years, and this confirms that they are effective, stable and long lasting especially with the progress and prosperity we see nowadays, in particular if bone grafting is done before the dental implant.

    Broadcaster: Thank you Doctor for such impressive information.

    Doctor: Most welcome and thank you again.

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    Book an appointment with Dr. Menhal Mohammed Jarbou,  General Dentist and Implantologist in Dubai. For appointment and enquiries on Dental care and Dental Implants, he is available at Tecom (045676888) and Trade Centre Apts. branch (043313544).

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