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    Prosthodontics & Implantology

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    Prosthodontics & Implantology Treatment

    Prosthodontics and Implantology at GMC Clinics Dubai.

    It is often very confusing to understand the various branches of Dentistry and prosthodontics is one of them.

    Prosthodontics, commonly known as dental prosthetics or prosthetic dentistry, is a branch of dentistry that is specialized in dental prostheses. It is one of the 12 dental specialties officially recognized by the America Dental Association (ADA)

    There are numerous reasons why you’ll go to a prosthodontist.

    It can be due to an incident related to the mouth, a congenital (birth-associated) circumstance, or cosmetic motives. Despite the fact that many conventional dentists can offer those kinds of services, official high-skilled prosthodontists are notably trained in modern-day strategies and methods for treating very complex dental conditions.

    A prosthodontist is a dentist who specializes in treating complex dental and facial topics, such as the recovery and replacement of lacking or broken teeth with artificial ones.

    They’re professionally trained in different areas such as bridges & crowns, jaws disorders, dental implants, Veneer, Lumineers and Laminates, digital smile design, and much more.

    Prosthodontics and Implantology also focus on cosmetic dentistry, which has been exponential over the past years. Studies have demonstrated that more and more people are saying that their smile or teeth are the only facial feature they might alternate to enhance their self-esteem.

    Prosthodontist and Implantologist have careful know-how of the dynamics of a grin and the protection of a healthful mouth.

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    During your first  visit, your Prosthodontics may use several methods to develop an individualized treatment plan, including:

    • Oral, facial and functional evaluation (examination).
    • Intraoral and facial photographs.
    • Panoramic and cephalometric X-rays.
    • Impressions for models of the teeth and bite.

    A prosthodontic will review your dental records, performs a clinical assessment, and use high x-ray techniques to assess your mouth. The results of this evaluation are studied in order to formulate the best treatment plan.

    The Prosthodontic treatments available at GMCClinics include:

    • Same Day Dental Implant
    • Standard classical Dental Implant
    • Same day Crowns & bridges
    • Veneer, Lumineers, and Laminates Retainers
    • Digital Smile Design
    • Complete assessment of your mouth and professional advice
    Prosthodontics and Implantology Doctor in Dubai GMC Clinics


    What is it exactly?

    They are highly skilled doctors that are specialized in treating and handling dental and facial issues that involve restoring missing enamel and jaw systems. A prosthodontist is fantastically trained in cosmetics, dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, temporomandibular disorders (TMJ/TMD), and much more.

    Expert diagnosis

    Rehabilitation, and Maintenance and Restoration of your smile

    Treatment planning

    Appearance, Health, and Comfort.

    Get back your full self-esteem

    Dental Implants Dubai GMC Clinics


    What is Implantology?

    While most of the time, when a customer visits an endodontist’s workplace with an infected or broken tooth, the Dental Doctor, can treat and keep the natural tooth. But sometimes this isn’t feasible, after which it is necessary to extract the teeth with a dental implant.

    Implantology is a branch of Dentistry specialties that deals with the everlasting and definite implantation of artificial teeth within the jaw. Dental implant treatment and process are simply used when it has been diagnosed and confirmed that the natural tooth cannot be saved and must be removed permanently.

    A classical implant incorporates a titanium screw which has the appearance of a tooth’s root. The hard surface of this screw is dealt with to enhance the combination ability of the implant. A hole is drilled into the jawbone and the implant is mounted with care and dexterity.

    Dental implants are usually declined under 3 main types that you can pick out Endosteal, Subperiosteal, and zygomatic.

    Endosteal is the most common and safe option followed by Subperiosteal, whereas Zygomatic is the final and most complicated process. It is used in extremely rare cases.

    Same day implant

    Your implant will be like natural teeth

    If done by expert,. you Implants may be for lifetime.

    Can avoid prevent bone complication and loss

    Get rid of of gum diseases

    Your adjacent teeth will be more stable

    Teeth Implants Dubai GMC Clinics

    Same day Crowns & Bridges

    Dental Crown

    What for? Cover & repair damaged teeth without extraction A dental crown additionally called a “cap” is used to repair teeth without definitely getting rid of or implanting any teeth. The crown is positioned over a present broken tooth and is cemented in the area.

    Dental Bridge

    What for? Change and replace one or extra missing tooth by using anchoring to the actual present tooth.

    While a crown is used to cowl a present tooth, a dental bridge is used to fill in the lacking area as a result of one or more misplaced teeth.

    A bridge is made up of 1 or more artificial teeth with one crown on both cease of the bridge. The crowns are located over the current tooth on either side of the gap and act as anchors for the bridge.

    Repair a broken or damaged teeth, through masking it with a porcelain cap

    For beauty and restorative functions

    Used to replace missing tooth

    Can be fitted with dental crowns or implants

    Digital Smile Design By Dr Nabeel Al Nahhas Prosthodontics GMC Clinics Dubai

    DSD (Digital Smile Design) in Cosmetic Dentistry

    What is DSD – Digital Smile Design?

    Put in simple words, the DSD (Digital Smile Designing is a technical instrument used to design and modify patients’ smiles digitally and assist them in visualizing it beforehand by developing and displaying a digital mockup of their new smile design before the actual commencement of treatment.

    Using cutting-edge videography and computer technology, the Digital Smile Design (DSD) treatment planning process enables a detailed examination of the patient’s facial and dental features. The DSD Concept is currently regarded as the most cutting-edge, patient-centered design methodology available.

    High satisfaction with their new smile

    Tailor-made and customized results

    Restore Self-esteem

    Natural look

    Veneer, Lumineers and Laminates GMC Clinics Dubai by Dr Nabeel

    Veneer, Lumineers and Laminates

    Laminate veneers are thin laminates designed to cowl the front surfaces of your teeth. They are used to enhance your smile. They assist with choppy tooth alignment, areas among teeth, chips, cracks, worn and discolored teeth, or stained enamel.

    There are two varieties of veneers

    One is made out of porcelain, and the other is produced from acrylic resin. Lumineers is a brand name for a sort of veneer and is made out of porcelain. They’re safe, painless, robust, and thin.

    If an affected person has chips, cracks, choppy teeth alignment, spacing among teeth, worn or discolored enamel, or stained enamel, the Lumineer option is the answer.

    For an entire assessment of your mouth please agenda an initial session with our dentist so that he can suggest and decide what works best for you.

    Realistic appearance



    Color versatility

    Color versatility

    Dental Veneers are Low Maintenance

    Case Study

    GMCClinics Process

    Doctors practicing Prosthodontics Treatment

    Team of Professionals

    Dr. Iyad Estoiny

    Fluent in: English, French and Arabic
    Nationality: Syrian


    Case Study

    General Dentistry

    Here we have a patient that is unsatisfied with her smile. Although she is in her fifties and isn’t suffering from any pain she wants to achieve a more youthful smile.

    She has a gummy smile which means she showed her gums while smiling hence the asymmetry on the gum line is visible.

    In order to achieve an aesthetically acceptable smile the right and left sides of gums and teeth must be at the same level, also we are able to correct the crossbite on the left side with the help of ceramic crowns.

    The correct bite is when the upper teeth come over the lower teeth And not the other way around as is in this case on the left side. We also choose a whiter color for a more natural look.

    In this case, we replaced the old crowns and bridges and added posterior crowns. The patient is very happy with her new smile.


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