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    Dermoscopy & Videoscopy

    A new frontier in diagnosing hair diseases. Dr. Murtuza, our Dermatologist, explains.

    Hair style is a human characteristic that represent aspects of identity and is a universally accepted sign of youth. Hair loss can have significant impact on the quality of life and fuels the need for prompt diagnosis & treatment. The standard methods to diagnose hair and scalp disorders such as simple clinical inspection, pull test and biopsy vary in reproducibility and invasiveness.

    Recent introduction of the use of Dermoscopy & Videoscopy examination of scalp and hair has made this non-invasive method a rapid and reliable way to diagnose and follow up scalp and hair related problems.

    The use of Dermoscopy & Videoscopy improves diagnostic accuracy and may contribute in further understanding the cause of hair disorders. Here are some Dermoscopic pictures of common scalp and hair related diseases that are clearly indicative of how this device can be a very useful tool in the practice.

     Dermoscopy & Videoscopy 1 Androgenetic alopecia – is the most common cause of hair loss and can affect up to 70% of men and 40% women at some point in their life. It is characterized by a receding hairline and hair thinning.
    Dermoscopy & Videoscopy 2 Tinea capitis in child – is a superficial fungal infection of the skin of the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes, with a propensity for attacking hair shafts and follicles. Dermoscopy easily picks up the comma hairs, broken hairs, and corkscrew hairs.
    Dermoscopy & Videoscopy 3 Melanoma – There is considerable improvement in the sensitivity (detection of melanomas) as well as specificity (percentage of non-melanomas correctly diagnosed as benign) in Dermoscopy when compared with naked eye examination.
     Dermoscopy & Videoscopy 4 Discoid Lupus Erythematosus – Dermoscopy shows many yellowish keratotic plugs and red dots that are diagnostic.
     Dermoscopy & Videoscopy 5 Scalp psoriasis – Dermoscopy shows twisted loops throughout scalp.

    Our Specialist Dermatologist, Dr. Murtuza Bandukwala, MD FAAD, uses Dermoscopy & Videoscopy for his analysis. To make an appointment please call your preferred clinic:

    Jumeirah: 04 349 4880
    Tecom: 04 567 6888
    Green Community: 04 885 3225