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    Dial 800GMCDOC to get a home doctor

    GMCClinics’ home healthcare services ( 800GMCDOC ) eliminate patients’ need to go the clinic or hospital



    • 800GMCDOC has a passionate team comprising fully DHA-licensed medical practitioners trained in all core medical specialties including family medicine, general surgery, paediatrics, physiotherapy, and nursing.
    • The medical staff are fluent in multiple languages such as Arabic, English, French, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Hindi and Farsi.


    Desperate times call for efficient measures. While the rampant coronavirus pandemic is putting a severe strain on the healthcare system in countries all over the world, researchers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and governments, are doing their best to find suitable solutions to the problem.

    In these circumstances, if you are not feeling well, you may be concerned that going to a physician’s office, an urgent care facility, or a hospital could expose you to the infection. To make your life easier, GMCClinics is offering 800GMCDOC, a dedicated home healthcare service in Dubai that provides a doctor-on-call service 24/7 at the comfort of your home, office or hotel rooms – in all areas of the emirate.

    Use 800GMCDOC to avoid hospital-acquired infection

    GMCClinics’ goal is to prevent people from getting more sick by being exposed to a doctor’s waiting room at clinics or hospitals. “With the current pandemic situation with COVID19, it makes sense to avoid sitting in waiting areas in hospitals, or even avoid interaction with hospital staff through registration, or triage,” says Nizar Edaili, Group Director, Business Development and Marketing, GMCClinics. “You are also avoiding using public transportation to reach hospitals or clinics. Our medical teams are well trained on international standards of sanitization and disinfection procedures, wearing N95 masks, gloves and we guarantee contactless treatment procedures.”

    How to get healthcare at home

    It works in three easy steps:

    1. Call the toll free number 800 462 362 (800GMCDOC)
    2. Share your location
    3. Have a doctor at your home or hotel

    In most cases, the home doctor with a nurse will reach you within 30-40 minutes.

    For more information on 800GMCDOC home healthcare services call 800462362