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    Dr. Shadi Sharifi Neurology Sleep Medicine Specialist

    Welcome back Dr. Shadi Sharifi, Specialist Neurology (Sleep Medicine)

    We are pleased to welcome back Dr. Shadi Sharifi, Specialist Neurology (Sleep Medicine) at GMCClinics Jumeirah Medical.

    Dr. Shadi Sharifi is a leading Neurologist with more than 15 years of experience, graduated from the faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Claude Bernard University, Lyon-France, then pursued her post-graduate position in Neurophysiology and Sleep Medicine at INSERM U480, France.

    She practiced across all aspects of Neurological cases and extensively in the field of Sleep Medicine and related disorders. She is considered a regional expert in sleep and related diseases (obesity, breathing, stress, depression, neurological disease, insomnia, parasomnia) and she regularly counsels on these subjects. She served as a Specialist in Neurology at various renowned Hospitals in Dubai.

    Her specialization in all Neurological cases includes diagnosis and treatment for Migraines and headaches, Epilepsy, Neuromuscular disease, neck and back pain, Cognitive dysfunction, and Sleep Disorders.