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    GCAA Approved Neurologist available at GMCClinics

    Dr Souheil Gebeily Consultant Neurology GCAA approved Neurologist in DubaiWe are pleased to announce that Dr. Souheil Gebeily, Consultant Neurologist has been granted a SPECIALIST AEROMEDICAL CERTIFICATE as a GCAA Approved Neurologist.

    Dr. Gebeily is hereby appointed as Designated Aeromedical Examiner (Specialist) for Class I, Class II, Class III, Cabin Crew, LSA aeromedical assessments in accordance with the current CAR Part II, Personnel Licensing Regulations and applicable directives in UAE.

    Since 1984, Dr. Gebeily have been practicing Neurology also as Private Practitioner in Lebanon and in France. His expertise include: stroke and neurovascular diseases, multiple sclerosis and related neuro-immunological diseases, Parkinson’s Disease and movement disorders, Clinical EEG, Alzheimer’s disease and other Dementias and Aviation Medicine.

    We are proud to have Dr. Souheil Gebeily, Consultant Neurologist as GCAA approved Neurologist in Dubai and the ever growing number of Aviation Medical Examiners at GMCClinics, that includes: Family Medicine Specialist, General Practitioners, Consultant Interventional Cardiologists, Clinical Psychologist, Ophthalmology Specialist and Specialist Psychiatry.

    Our medical clinic in Jumeirah is a GCAA approved centre and has been conducting GCAA aviation medicals as per the regulatory requirements since 2001. As part of our services, we also conduct aviation medicals for various international aviation authorities (CASA, CAA/EASA and FAA). We also handle Sport Pilot / Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) Medicals.

    Our GCAA approved Neurologist is available for appointment at GMCClinics Jumeirah Medical. For appointments and information, please call 043854747 (hotline); 043494880 (switchboard; press 2 for aviation) or aviationadministrator@groupgmc.com