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    Get your flu shot only for 99 Dhs at GMCClinics

    With the changing seasons, the influenza virus is once more in the air. To create awareness and prevent people from the complications and to minimize the risks of the flu, The Department of Health — Abu Dhabi (DOH) and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has launched The National Seasonal Flu Awareness Campaign.

    Seasonal Flu always raises questions in people’s mind as to what exactly is the flu? How do you know if the person is suffering from flu or just a cold? Which people are more likely to get affected by it? Why should you get the flu shot?  All your doubts will be clear after reading this blog.

    So, what is the flu?
    The flu or Influenza is a virus that infects the respiratory system. Hence when you have the flu, it affects your throat, causes running nose, sneezing, coughing, high fever, achy muscles, headache, etc. which usually lasts up to 7-10 days. This virus comes in many strains. Now, you would be wondering why if you got vaccinated last year than why would there be chances of getting affected by the flu again! It is because the influenza virus mutates so the vaccine you had previously had will no longer be effective.

    Why should you get the seasonal flu shot?
    Each year brings a new of flu, so get vaccinated now, to make sure you are protected against the latest strain of the virus. You might be wondering why should you take a flu shot even if you aren’t suffering from it? The only answer to this is flu shot is better late than never, it keeps your immune system from getting attacked.

    Preventing the flu by getting yourself vaccinated is the best way to keep yourself away from virus to creep into your body and attack terribly.

    Who should get vaccinated?
    The vaccination is an effective method in order to prevent the complications. Especially for the community groups that are at higher risk of exposure which includes pregnant women, patients with chronic diseases, the elderly and children under age five. Well! You must have heard about the saying, ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ hence to save yourself from facing the problems in the future it’s is always better to take a precaution to avoid situations which may lead to hospitalization. This is a really good reason for people at high risk to get vaccinated because it would not deteriorate your health more.

    What can you do to protect yourself from the flu?

    • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.
    • Wash your hands often with soap and water.
    • Get vaccinated with a seasonal flu shot.
    • Drink lots of water and fluids.
    • Stay home and rest.

    We advise you to Protect Yourself, Your Loved Ones and Get Your Flu Vaccine! By doing this you are not only preventing yourself but also others around you.

    Visit us at GMCClinics. A flu shot today, makes your worries go away! Avail this healthy offer until December 2018!