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    GMCClinics – First Mobile Aviation Medical Clinic in the world

    GMCClinics has made its mark on the Aviation industry receiving the award and accreditation from GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority) as the world’s first Mobile Aviation Medical Clinic operating in UAE.

    Aviation Medical Clinic GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority)

    The General Civil Aviation Authority has launched in cooperation with the leading medical group GMCClinics, the first “Mobile Aviation Medical Clinic” in the world. This clinic is a major achievement considering the repercussions of the COVID19 pandemic. It provides all specialized civil aviation medical, clinical & laboratory services. ⁣
    Services include medical examinations for professionals in the aviation sector, such as air traffic controllers, pilots sand cabin crew. It is accredited by the GCAA and is in compliance with the international standards for granting medical certificates necessary for the continuity of work in the aviation sector at all levels.⁣

    For appointments and information, please call 043854747 (hotline); 043494880 (switchboard; press 2 for aviation) or aviationadministrator@groupgmc.com