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Hair Transplant Dubai. It’s happening! This is the sad story about aging…we all lose our hair at one point in time. But thanks to GMC Clinics and its hair transplant Dubai unit can now fix it.

Thanks to the latest technologies in cosmetic and medical progress, we are now able to take care of baldness for both men and women.

Hair loss is not always related to aging. This may be part of the normal cycle of hair life to fall every day and in fact, it must fall for new ones to come but as soon as it’s becoming a huge amount of loss daily, you should then start to worry as it might be an early sign of baldness.

The GMC Hair Transplant Clinic is now offering solutions for excessive hair loss using surgical and non-surgical methods. In addition, we are also specializing in eyelashes and eyebrows, mustache, and beard implants as well.

Dr. Ahmed Aamer is our Best Hair Transplant Specialist at GMC Clinics. 

GMC Clinics Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

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Hair Transplant For Men / Women

Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

Beard Transplants

Eyebrow/ Eyelash Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplant GMC Clinics Dubai

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

Reasonable Recovery Time

Follicle Survival rate is high

You will look natural

Barely noticeable scar

Success rate of FUT is 97%

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) GMC Clinics Dubai

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Usage of a better advanced technology

Discomfort is reduced

The recovery is faster

More affordable

Almost no visible scars

Success rate of FUT is 97%

Men Hair Transplant GMC Clinics Dubai

Men Hair Transplantation

No! It’s not a fatality… #1 Men’s Hair Transplantation

It is said that 50% of the men population over 50 are affected by baldness and here in Dubai Best Clinic we are offering you several options to consider Hair Transplant.

Eliminates Baldness

Natural appearance

Restoration of self-confidence & self-esteem

Cost-Effective Surgery

Women Hair Transplantation GMC Clinics Dubai

Women Hair Transplantation

And what about women?

Hair transplant is not a process reserved for men only. Women much more than men are affected psychologically when they are losing their hair. Since there are fewer taboos and shame to talk about it, women’s hair transport is becoming more and more popular.

We at GMC Clinics are very concerned and we are putting all our medical knowledge and savoir-faire to bring back women’s self-esteem and confidence.

Natural-Looking Hairline

Self-Esteem and Appearance


A high Success Rate

Men Beard Hair Transplantation GMC Clinics Dubai

Men Beard Hair Transplant

Yes! The Beard also…

How many men are going through this complex of having uneven beards or not enough thick and luxuriant?

With more and more men caring for their esthetical appearance and self-esteem, this is no surprise that for the past few years this intervention has become very popular.

Safe surgical intervention

Permanent results

Under local anaesthetic only

The surgery is painless before or after

You will still bel able to trim and shave

You can ask for a beard restyling

You can request for a cover up of any previous scars or birthmark

Eyelash Hair Transplant GMC Clinics Dubai

Eyelash Hair Transplant

Fed-up of the Eyelash extension?

Too short, too scanty? We have a new alternative to the Eyelash extension.

Long-lasting or lifetime results

No synthetic but real eyelash hair

Permanent alternative solution to eyelash extension

Significant improvement of the thickness and density of eyelashes

Eyebrow Hair Transplant GMC Clinics Dubai

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Looking for a new facial expression?

Everyone knows that eyebrows have a significant role to play when it comes to your daily facial expressions, giving your face its uniqueness.

Thick Eyebrows

Improved Facial Expression

Enhanced Appearance

A permanent solution

Hide scars and burn marks

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