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    Health Awareness Tips by Dr. Katherine Morris

    If binge watching is your ideal way of relaxation then think again. Dr. Katherine discusses potential health risks issues related to binge watching and constant fatigue.

    Is binge watching bad for you?

    With the rise of streaming services is has become easier and easier to watch multiple episodes of a favourite show back to back.  Could this be detrimental to our health?

    Here are some potential hidden dangers:

    • Artificial light in the evening interferes with melatonin levels causing difficulty in falling asleep
    • The content of a show leaving the watcher with anxiety causing further sleep issues
    • Eye strain, particularly when the screen is in a darkened room.
    • Lack of exercise and temptation to eat unhealthy food
    • Some report feelings of low mood and depression when they reach the end of a show

    Next time ‘play next episode’ pops up on the screen perhaps consider taking a break.

    Tired all the time

    Fatigue, exhaustion, lack of energy, weakness- the symptoms of tiredness are variable and affect us all from time to time.  Persistent tiredness is also a concern for many.  There are multiple possible causes, and sufferers can look at their lifestyle, mental health and physical health to try to find some answers.

    • Psychological causes of fatigue include stress, anxiety, depression and emotional shock
    • Physical causes include anaemia, thyroid disorders, sleep apnoea, diabetes, obesity, underweight, pregnancy, and side effects of medical treatments

    If you have been feeling constantly tired for more than 4 weeks consider seeing a doctor who will help you find out why.