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    How Physiotherapy Can Treat Back Pain

    Severe back pain can be agonizing and can hinder mobility at the same time. In most cases, back pain does not mean that you have a serious issue. However, if the pain persists for more than a week, it is best to seek physiotherapy from a specialist.

    Back pain is among the top spinal conditions in UAE; the youth make up to 62% of the people in this category. Before covering your therapy, insurance institutions will require a referral from a doctor. Make enquiries with your insurance provider to confirm whether you require a general practitioner or orthopedic consultation referral.

    There are several ways that back pain reveals itself; one can experience lower back pain right above the tailbone or you can experience a sharp pain in the back and down the foot. This will often manifest in the form of tingling or numbness. Some symptoms can be felt in the legs..

    How Physiotherapy Treats Back Pain

    The best way to prevent back pain from persisting is to seek early treatment which will relieve pain and ensure that the condition doesn’t return. Physiotherapy can be used to treat back pain in most cases. Physiotherapists will guide you through the process of treatment and recovery by including specific exercises that are custom made for you. This is done after proper examination to determine the cause of the pain. The results of the examination will conclude the type of physiotherapy to be offered for your back pain.

    The following are among the choices for physiotherapy Dubai and other UAE cities offer:

    Manual Physical Therapy

    This type of physiotherapy provides back pain relief by using hands instead of machines or specialized tools. Physiotherapists put pressure on muscle tissues and joints using their hands to reduce back pain caused by bad posture, straining or by muscle or joint dysfunction. Manual therapy can be useful to relieve both acute and severe back pain. The objective of this physiotherapy technique is to relax tense muscles and immobilized joints so as to reduce back pain. Physiotherapists employ different techniques such as manipulation which involves the use of well-calculated movements while alternating between different speeds; fast and slow. It also involves using different forces such as mild to rigorous. Physiotherapists also use the twist push and pull movements to relieve joint tension and to increase mobility.

    Another technique therapists use is soft tissue massage which involves the application of pressure to muscles. This helps to relieve pain, encourage blood circulation, and relieve muscle tension.

    Progressive Exercises

    Physiotherapists can recommend progressive exercises that concentrate on balance and strength. A specialist will prescribe different exercises like planks, Glut Bridge, abdominal bracing, and leg lifts. These exercises are safe and they help to strengthen the core while reducing back pain. These exercises can be done at home but remember to always consult a specialist who will recommend the correct exercise for you.

    Movement Exercises

    Physiotherapists use movement exercises to revive mobility and reduce the probability of radiating pain. Most health facilities in UAE that offer physiotherapy Dubai included, recommend the use of the Mckenzie Method. This can be used to treat both acute and chronic back pain. Although you might not be familiar with this method, it actually involves very simple exercises, for example, the first exercise involves lying flat on your belly this treats sudden attacks of sharp back pains.

    After doing the first exercise successfully, you will be ready to proceed to the next one which is the prone props. Lay on your stomach on a comfortable surface and prop using your elbows. The successful completion of one exercise means that you can proceed to a more challenging one. This physiotherapy method is recommended for people with sciatica and back pain.

    How to Prevent Back Pain

    Back pain can cause torment and disrupt your daily activities; therefore, in order to avoid going through all the pain and procedures of treatment, it is better to prevent it from occurring. These are some of the ways to do that:

    • Get moving. Most people experience back pain because they are less active. Regular exercises will help to relieve any muscle tension caused by sitting around. Physiotherapists recommend simple exercises such as walking or hiking to relieve pain and swelling.
    • Consider adopting a good posture, especially if you are used to slouching. If you spend too much time sitting consider changing your seat to one with a straight back. For those whose jobs require them to stand for prolonged periods, they should push their shoulder back and pull in the stomach and also consider taking regular breaks.
    • Avoid putting too much strain on your back. Most people who are used to lifting too much weight end up seeking physiotherapy to treat their back pain. The best way to pick up heavy items is to squat and then lifting the object while holding it closer to you.
    • Maintain optimum weight for your age. Being overweight, especially around the gut, concentrates all the weight to your back. If you experience back pain because of this, you should seek physiotherapy help from a specialist.
    • Include a balanced diet to manage a healthy weight which will ensure that your body is not submitted to unnecessary stress and tension. In case you don’t know what foods to include in your diet, you can always seek advice from physiotherapists in your trusted health facility. Fruits, grains, and vegetables will provide you with the right nutrients while maintaining your gut health. This will keep your spine functioning properly because your internal organs affect your overall health.

    In case you are experiencing any back pain, it is necessary to consult a physiotherapist before embarking on any exercises to determine the cause and treatment. Some back pains might be caused by tumors or infections this means that you should seek treatment as soon as you experience persistent pain. The good news is that most back pain problems can be solved by simple exercises that you can do from the safety of your home. Consulting a physiotherapist before embarking on any exercises will help you to perform exercises that target the problematic areas. This increases your chances of pain relief and recovery. Remember to avoid situations that will cause back pain.