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    General Practice

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    General Practice

    General Practice / General Practitioners at GMCClinics pride themselves in providing comprehensive primary and continuing medical care. This includes consultations for preventive medical care and information on related health topics. Our clinics have a holistic approach to providing medical care, which is patient-centric. Right from providing patient care for nonspecific symptoms to treatment for other specific disease patterns, our general practitioners provide a complete healthcare stop focusing on all-round patient wellness and quality care.

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    Doctors Practising General Practice

    Team of Professionals

    Dr. Abdullah Gokce

    Fluent in: English, Turkish, Kurdish & Arabic
    Nationality: Turkish

    Dr. Fakhriyya Mustafazade

    Fluent in: Azerbaijani, Russian, English, Turkish, Italian
    Nationality: Azerbaijani

    Dr. Dhuha Al Jammali

    Fluent in: English, Arabic, Basic French
    Nationality: Dominican Republic

    Dr. Natalia Nazarenko

    Fluent in: English, Russian, Ukrainian & German
    Nationality: Ukrainian

    Dr. Noman Lakhani

    Fluent in: English, Urdu & basic Arabic
    Nationality: Pakistani

    Dr. Mohamed Kehila

    Fluent in: English & Arabic
    Nationality: Australian

    Dr. Paul Iroha

    Fluent in: English & Hindi (beginners)
    Nationality: Nigerian

    Dr. Shahla Karami

    Fluent in: English, Farsi, Turkish & Arabic
    Nationality: Iranian

    Dr. Walid Azkoul

    Fluent in: English, Spanish, Arabic
    Nationality: Venezuelan

    Dr. Daria Fedorenko

    Fluent in: English, Ukrainian, Russian
    Nationality: Ukrainian



    I highly recomend Dr. Leila Mayra i visit her in the clinic and she was very qualified in her consultation and very caring. Thank you Dr. Leila Mayra.

    - Eman El Kerdany, Patient

    GMC Group has Great Doctors And Great Staff, wish them more success.

    - Osama Abou Al Fadel, Patient

    Proud to be in GMC ....friendly staff ...highly qualified Doctors and wonderful management.

Wafa Alshaer, Patient

    Great and Coperative Team, Friendly environment , Best Doctors and Well experienced Staff.

    - Zubiya Nasir , Patient

    I visit Dr. Leila Mayra in trade center branch and she was very good in her treatment. Very friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Leila

    - Vale Rià, Patient

    Had an issue with voucher which they resolved and the dentist was great so happy to change my review and would go back

    - Liz Holmes , Patient

    I have been a patient of Dr. Suhail and i am proud to say that until now i still cant forget the excellent service i have received from him and from the GMCClinics nurses. Keep up the good work.

    - Mark Paul Remigio, Patient

    Dr Noman ( Gmc clinic green community) is an excellent doctor. He is our family doctor since we arrived in Dubai.
Dr Noman is always very kind with me and my family.
I recommend Dr Noman to everyone. Thank you Dr for all your help.

    - Sofia Pires Rodrigues , Patient

    Dr Noman’s diagnosis has always been accurate and unlike most doctors he refrains from prescribing an anti biotic unless it is absolutely necessary. I have been going to him along with my wife and kids for the past 10 years and have never been disappointed.
(GMC Clinic Green Community DIP)

    - Umar H Khan, Patient

    Dr Noman Lakhani (GMC Green Community DIP) has been our family doctor since 2008. Be it us adults or our children - we all go to him for all our consultations. Many of our family friends also go to Dr Noman. He is absolutely fantastic and his diagnosis is always spot on. Would not go anywhere else!

    - Amna Khawar , Patient

    Last month, I brought my 5 year old daughter to the GMC Clinic trade center, because she had a high tempreture and bronchitis. I was so worried and nervous for my daughter, as we have only been in Dubai for 3 months and it was our first time to visit a doctor here, so I didn't know what to expect. Despite all my worries, Dr. Leila Mayra made us feel so welcome and calm. Dr. Leila did not stop reassuring and praising my daughter that she was doing fine and she will be well in time. Dr Leila gave my daughter Christmas cane sweets after seeing her which, my daughter hung it by the window in her room and refused to eat it, only because Dr Leila gave it to her. When my daughter came home after seeing Dr Leila, she said to me, that she feels all better and does not need medicines because of Dr Leila's (Pink doctor - that's what she calls the doctor) magical power made her feel all well. Dr. Leila called me and asked how my daughter was doing after few days. My daughter kept asking she can go and see Dr. Leila again and Dr. Leila kindly agreed to see her every Tuesday. My daughter now tells everyone she sees, that anyone feels poorly, go and see Dr Leila, and Dr Leila will make everyone better with magic. My daughter wants to be a doctor like Dr. Leila. A Huge Thank you to Dr. Leila for her kindness, friendiness, warmth and care. I, as a mum, no longer worry for my two daughters, because I know that, they will be in good hands.
I also know that, my two daughters no longer worry, they will be excited to see a wonderful and kind doctor.

    - Mira Kwoun , Patient

    I am writing a recommendation for Dr. Leila in the Trade Apartments Clinic. Dr Leila has been amazing in helping me getting help for a torn lumber disc in my back. She has responded to me out of hours, continually followed up and has gone out of her way to get me the medical help I needed. I would highly recommend Dr Leila as a professional and supportive doctor in Dubai.

    - Cassie Owen, Patient

    Dr Lakhani is our saviour. He is our family doctor and has been with us through the hardest time. He is always there to help us through diagnosis and recovery. He is a real asset to our community, compassionate, kind and genuine in his advice. Follows up with us on progress even after referral to a specialist, if need to. We are so proud and lucky to have a trustworthy doctor such as Dr. Lakhani. Definitely, he is our number “1 “ doctor.

    - Emilie Helou , Patient

    During the last five years in Dubai, our family have been under the care of Dr Noman Lakhani. We consider him to be an outstanding family doctor, always kind and temperate with our children, his warm manner and no nonsense approach to managing all our medical needs means we will always seek his expertise first. We highly recommend Dr Noman to all other families and we are very pleased to see him back at the Green Community GMC Clinic.

    - Marc Allenby , Patient

    I visited Gmc for the first time because my friend saw Dr. Leila and highly recommended her. She was extremely caring, had excellent bedside manner and most importantly she was precise in her diagnoses and treatment. It's extremely hard to find a genuine doctor in dubai that doesn't view a patient as a buisness opportunity. Dr. Leila doesn't prescribe medication for no reason, she targets the cause of the problem rather than covering it up with symptomatic relief. She took extra time to address my questions and reassured me numerous times. She's easy to understand and even used visual aids to explain my condition. I'm so lucky to have an amazing doctor like Leila. A true gem!

    - Ejaaz Arzamkhan , Patient

    Dr. Srebrina has been my family's doctor for over 18 years and I can honestly say that she is the best doctor I have ever had! Her gentleness, dedication, and friendly outlook makes you feel very comfortable and assured. There is a very good reason why one would want to keep the same doctor for almost two decades and Dr. Srebrina is a living definition of the perfect doctor. Thank you for all these years of care. 5 stars!

    - Zara L Bridle, Patient

    Dr Leila maybe a general doctor but she is 100% better than any specialist. As a professional fighter I must take good care of myself. I trust her with my health and my family’s health. Emirates jujitsu federation support Dr. Leila!

    - Mounir Lazzez r, Patient

    We are so very pleased that Dr Leila is at GMC WTC. I used to visit the Indian Dr and she never used to communicate to me why we always need to draw blood so I wasn’t very pleased to go to her but because the location is so convenient and when I’m sick I don’t want to drive far to a Dr. When I saw Dr Leila is the new Dr I was so relived. She explained so well why the blood works is important and I feel I am able to communicate very well with her. My husband took our son to her too when he was sick and they came back with a balloon and a photo, that’s such a relive that our son likes the Dr too. He took to her very easily and my husband could even leave the room and my son never cried. We really like to have Dr Leila at GMC WTC and would love to keep seeing her, we are all very comfortable with her and finally have a doctor whom we would consider our house doctor. We have recommended her to all our friends at Trade Centre Apartments as well and everyone seems quite excited that there is finally a good doctor available to us.

    - Jeanne-Marie Diedericks , Patient

    Just would like to point out one thing. Recently I have had a visit to GMC Clinic in WTC. The clinic is close by the place where I leave. I was not using the service of yours privately before (GMC Clinics) as previous GP doctors and the service they were providing was average. Recently however visited this clinic as I felt very bad and was too weak to travel to the one I usually go to. That's when I met Dr. Leila Mayra. 
Here I would like to thank you for Her fully professional service. I felt like a patient not like an object. 
Shortly I just would like to say that she is one of the most professional GP Doctors I have ever had/visit.
Thank You, Doctor Leila
Thank you!!!

    - Bartlomiej Czechowski, Patient

    I love GMC Clinics where i have been taken care of health-wise mentally and physically. 
I would recommend anyone who needs accurate diagnosis or even just a simple check up to visit GMC Clinics and ask for Dr.Leila. I was always referred to the correct specialist if needed. 
The clinic’s delivery time on reports/results are super fast with next step action taken in a few days.
The ambience always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed, with clean offices and waiting rooms. Plus the staff are the best and friendly and always helpful.

    - Janet Nathan, Patient

    Dr. Leila is best doctor i meat in clinics, she help me to keep healthy twice.

    - Andy Zhong , Patient

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