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    Neurologist in Dubai

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    At GMCClinics in Dubai, our Neurology doctors provide diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions involving all neurological problems. Through a focused, medical and practical approach throughout, a neurologist treats disorders that affect the brain, spinal cord, and nerves and help improve the patient suffering of any type neurological disorders.

    We provide treatments for the following Neurological  cases:

    Insomnia, Parasomnias & Sleep disorders in children

    Neurological Disorders

    All types of seizures

    Cognitive dysfunction

    All type of headache: tension, cluster and chronic daily headaches

    Neurology: GMCClinics Process

    Doctors Practising Neurology

    Team of Professionals

    Dr. Shadi Sharifi

    Fluent in: Persian, French & English
    Nationality: French

    Dr. Souheil Gebeily

    Fluent in: Arabic, French & English
    Nationality: Lebanese



    Great service all the way from top to the bottom. Administration arranged everything for a detailed home testing which was done by a good and qualified nurse. The doctor was extremely clear,precise and understanding with his diagnosis which he explained in great detail. Reports were very prompt in under we 24 hours. I would highly recommend both the clinic and the staff.

    - Aamir K, Patient

    I have been a patient of GMC for 30 years. So has my family. For me they are the only health professionals that I would go to. The quality of professional service is very highest and on more than one occasion, the diagnosis and advice I receive has been life altering. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

    - James Berry, Patient

    I have been attending the GMC clinic as a patient since 1986 and especially Dr Ralph Joyce and in that time, totally relied  on them for all my medical requirements . I trust totally their professionalism, approach and advice and they are always the first contact for any medical needs.

    - Donal Kilalea, Patient

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