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    Paediatric Obesity

    Paediatric Obesity or overweight among children and adolescents is not just an increase weight; it’s beyond the numbers that they may gain during childhood of adolescent or even later as an adult.

    Obesity among children and adolescents can lead to a certain forms and types of consequences that cause a burden on overall health.

    Most common are depression and isolation, bullying at school, trouble sleeping at night which will lead to day somnolence and fatigue or sometime to hyperactivity causing poor school performance at the end or it may end up with metabolic syndrome which could also mean:

    • High cholesterol level (triglyceride)
    • High insulin level
    • High blood pressure

    And it can affect girls causing (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and other musculoskeletal complications like slipped capital femoral epiphysis.

    By gradual weight loss, adequate hydration and experienced Dietitian will help to maintain the weight or either to reduce the weight if needed.

    Dr. Esam Haddad, Paediatric Specialist at GMCClinics