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    Physiotherapy in Dubai

    We all need a Physiotherapist 

    At GMCClinics in Dubai, our Physiotherapy Department seeks to improve the quality of life and movement through prevention, intervention (treatment), promotion, habilitation, and rehabilitation.

    In our clinics or at your home, our physiotherapist will assess the patient’s physical condition that is causing impaired body movement and pain, develop a personalized treatment plan to suit the specific requirements, and employ a range of techniques and medical exercise to strengthen and stretch muscles and joints to improve mobility (including massage, joint/spinal manipulation). Healthcare education is then provided on how to prevent injury and disability and lead a healthy lifestyle.

    GMC clinics provide also Physiotherapy at home anywhere in Dubai. Kindly contact us to book your physio specialist homecare services at your doorstep.For any emergencies, we are reachable 24/7 on call and via WhatsApp  054 329 1639

    Physiotherapy treatments in Dubai address the following conditions:

    Sports injuries

    Back and neck pain

    Muscle, ligament and tendon problems

    Joint Pain

    Postural problems

    Arthritic conditions

    Post-surgical rehabilitation

    Paediatric musculoskeletal conditions

    Physiotherapy GMC Clinics Dubai

    Physiotherapy at Home or Hotel

    GMC Clinics Dubai – We will take care of your physical peace of mind because we know how hard, painful, and agonizing a musculoskeletal disorder can be. Our Best DHA Certified Physiotherapist in Dubai will make sure to treat and restore our patient’s mobility and well-being.

    We also know that it is not always easy for our patients to reach our clinics. For that reason, we offer the homecare physio service. Physiotherapy treatment and sessions are now possible at your house.

    Our expert can reach your place anywhere in Dubai. We have a responsive home physio unit ready to help and assist you in the comfort of your house or hotel. Fast, responsive, and reliable.

    At home or hotel, we provide a professional assessment and appropriate treatment for all our patients.

    Qualified Physio specialists can diagnose and assess conditions and injuries such as Back pain, lower back pain, joint and tissue problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, foot conditions, sciatica and knee conditions, and much more. They will teach you the best medical physio exercise to get rid of you pain. Please reach out to book your appointment and our team will be happy to assist you.

    Physiotherapy Home Package (Please reach out in order to book your session at home)

    Home Physiotherapy

    • I session 250 Aed
    • 5 sessions 999 Aed

    For any emergencies, we are reachable 24/7 on call and WhatsApp  054 329 1639

    Physiotherapy Process

    Doctors Practising Physiotherapy in Dubai

    Team of Professionals

    Vesela Vasileva

    Fluent in: English, Bulgarian & Italian
    Nationality: Bulgarian



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    Physiotherapy in Dubai