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    Registered Nurse (RN)

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    Dental Assistant (Jumeirah, Female, Philippines, Tagalog speaking)

    Eligibility: –

    • Valid RN license
    • Strong clinical skills and knowledge
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities
    • Compassionate and empathetic towards patients
    • Ability to work collaboratively in a healthcare team
    • Proficient in patient assessments and documentation
    • Knowledge of medical procedures and treatments
    • Adherence to safety and infection control protocols
    • Strong organizational and time management skills
    • Ability to handle high-pressure situations
    • Continuous learning and professional development
    • Ethical and professional standards
    • Ability to provide patient-centered care
    • Effective problem-solving and critical thinking abilities


    applicants who meet the criteria please send CV with Photo.



    *Only shortlisted applicants will get notified for the Interview.

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