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    Special Mother’s Day offer!

    To celebrate Mother’s across Dubai we have some great promotions to help you look and feel your best this Spring.

    499 AED per single area!
    Restylane Dermal Filler
    999 AED per syringe!
    Botox can be used to target lines around the eyes (crow feet), frown lines and lines in the upper face. Restylane is a perfect filler for lip augmentation, to erase smile lines or to fill in acne scarring.

    No downtime and instant results!

    Still not sure?
    Why not book a FREE no obligation consultation!
    Dr. Murtuza is our specialist Dermatologist and takes a particular interest in Cosmetic Medicine. He has extensive experience in Aesthetics so
    you can be confident you will get the best results possible. This promotion is valid in our Jumeirah clinic. For appointments please call 04 349 4880.

    *All appointments must be booked before 31 March 2015, appointment may be after.