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    Sports Rehabilitation Specialist in Dubai

    Sports rehabilitation is an aspect of healthcare that deals with the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries to a patient when they are engaged in sports. The goal of sports rehab centres in Dubai is to bring injured athletes back to optimal levels of fitness utilising the principles of sport and exercise sciences. They also incorporate physiological and pathological processes to prepare the participant for training, competition and where applicable, work.

    This makes it slightly different from physiotherapy which, while dealing with physiological symptoms and issues of the body, does not limit or focus itself specifically on sports related problems. Sports rehab clinics in Dubai focus primarily on musculoskeletal rehabilitation and pain that is acute, chronic or caused by overuse or exertion and therefore is particularly relevant to athletes and those involved in sports. Using exercise, movement, massages and manual based therapeutic interventions, sports rehabilitators can bring patients back to the playing field.

    What to expect at a sports rehabilitation clinics in Dubai

    When you book an appointment with a sports therapist or a physiotherapist that, you receive a full and thorough consultation and physical assessment to identify and properly diagnose any health-related disorders. Once a diagnosis has been made, the rehabilitator works to build a recovery plan that should get you back on track to sporting. Here are a few basic questions and answers to help you understand this area of health better.

    What kind of treatments do they offer?

    There are several treatments given to patients based on their needs and these change as the situation with the patient changes. Some of these include but are not limited to:

    • Exercise
    • Manual therapy
    • Graded activity
    • Massage
    • Taping
    • Bracing
    • Electrotherapy
    • Workplace assessment and modifications

    What conditions can a sports rehabilitator assist with?

    The application of such treatments covers a wide range of conditions that patients suffer from such as:

    • Sports injuries
    • Back and neck pain
    • Muscular ligament and tendon problems
    • Joint pain
    • Posture problems
    • Arthritic conditions
    • Post-surgical rehabilitation
    • Paediatric musculoskeletal conditions

    Are there any after effects/risks involved?

    As with any medical treatments, there are always chances that one might be sore or experience a bit of pain after treatment but that is expected and usually lasts a short while. A good sports rehab centre in Dubai will follow up with you and modify your treatment based on your conditions and response to prior treatment. Some patients may find taping and massages to be a bit irritating if they suffer from sensitive skin but this can also be accounted for in treatment. In the vast majority of cases, recovery is fast and effective.

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