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    Stem Cell Therapy in the Management of Heart Disease

    Role of Stem Cell Therapy in the management of heart disease

    Stem Cell Therapy in the Management of Heart Disease

    Dr. Yahya Kiwan, Senior Interventional Cardiologist in Dubai & Stem Cell Researcher. Will share with his opinion about the role of Stem Cell Therapy in the management of heart disease.

    What are the functions and characteristics of stem cell

    Now stem cells they have the ability of self-division, they have the ability of cell differentiation into any other cells in the body. They have ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FUNCTION. They have IMMUNO MODULATORY FUNCTION. They have the function of secretion of para client factors and hormones which are INVOLVED IN THE HEALING AND TISSUE REPAIR. The last one is stem cells is the UNIQUE CHARACTERISTIC OF HOMING.   It means, stem cells if you give it to any part in the body it has a tendency to go to the injured or deceased part of the body for repair.

    How we get stem cells or how we harvest stem cells from our own body?

    It is very simple, we can get stem cell from the fat under the skin’s subcutaneous fat and also we can get stem cell from bone marrow. What does that mean, it’s simply it is your own cells, and that means it is not a drug so that’s very important characteristic of stem cells.

    Now the question we usually ask: is or are stem cells safe?

    The answer is definitely yes, stems cells are more safe than any drug in the planet. So there are, in general no side effect of giving a stem cell therapy

    Are they effective in treating disease condition of the heart?

    The answer is Yes. They are effective and there are so many studies showing that they are more effective than any other drug used for heart disease. There are so many phase 1 and phase 2 trial showing that they are effective.

    What conditions stem cells are used, what heart conditions stem cell therapy are used?

    Currently stem cells can be used after heart attack for myocardial function, can be used in the treatment of heart failure and can be used in treatment of people who has intractable angina although they are on maximum anti-angina therapy and they have done all types of coronary revascularization.


    If you have a family history or risk factors of heart disease or believe that you may be experiencing symptoms of heart disease, make an appointment to see your doctor. There are many ways where our doctors can help you manage your coronary diseases. Together, weigh your risks, get screened and make a plan to stay healthy.

    Always remember, heart diseases doesn’t discriminate.  While heart disease can be deadly, it’s also preventable in most people. Live longer with a healthier heart by adopting healthy lifestyle habits early.


    Dr. Yahya Kiwan Consultant Interventional Cardiology | Role of Stem Cell Therapy in the management of heart disease


    Book an appointment with Dr. Yahya Kiwan, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist & Stem Cell Researcher in Dubai. For appointment and enquiries on how Stem Cell Therapy can help, call GMCClinics Jumeirah Medical at 043494880.


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