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    GCAA Approved Neurologist available at GMCClinics

    We are pleased to announce that Dr. Souheil Gebeily, Consultant Neurologist has been granted a SPECIALIST AEROMEDICAL CERTIFICATE as a GCAA Approved Neurologist. Dr. Gebeily is hereby appointed as Designated Aeromedical Examiner (Specialist) for Class I, Class II, Class III, Cabin Crew, LSA aeromedical assessments in accordance with the current CAR Part II, Personnel Licensing Regulations and applicable directives in UAE. Since 1984, Dr. Gebeily have been practicing Neurology also as Private...

    The most common neurological disorders in adults

    Neurological disorders are common and may affect a million of people each year, yet many people may be unaware they have one.  Any symptom that manifests in any part of the nervous system, it could lead to neurological disorder. Understanding symptoms of neurological disorders is very important, as well as seeking medical advice from a practitioner to receive an appropriate diagnosis and treatment.  Headaches Headaches, or recurring headaches, are among the...