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    Dr. Galina Scerbacova

    Specialist Paediatrician

    Specialty: Specialist Paediatrician

    Fluent in: English, Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian

    Nationality: Moldovan

    Qualifications: MD, MBBS

    Clinical Skills And Experience:

    • Good experience in Pediatrics Emergencies, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Management of Premature Babies.
    • Knowledge in treating diseases of newborns, infants and children.
    • Proficient in work with premature babies and babies that are born with serious illnesses, or those who contact diseases on birth, low birth weight or congenital malformations.
    • Expert in adolescent health.
    • Ultrasound Examination: Abdomen, Hip, Brain, Thyroid with Doppler.


    • Responsible for developing health care delivery practice for infants.
    • Receiving patients and interviewing the parents for their concerns and medical issues.
    • Prescribe appropriate medication to patients.
    • Medical consultancy for illness prevention.
    • Participate in the emergency room and intensive care unit as required.

    Dr. Galina Scerbacova has over 27 years of combined experience as an academic tutor and facilitator for Neonatologists for the development and implementation of clinical protocols (Guideline) in Neonatology and has served as a consultant Neonatologist in the Republic of Moldova and as a Specialist Pediatric here in UAE.

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