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    Dr. Mariia Syrova

    General & Aesthetic Dentist

    Dr. Mariia Syrova is a General & Aesthetic Dentist who can relate well with dental patients. She is also an experienced prosthodontist and provides first-rate care to patients and their families. she is a confident healthcare professional with a long track record of successfully diagnosing and treating patients with various dental conditions.

    Fluent in: English, Russian & Ukrainian

    Nationality: Ukrainian


    • Diploma with honor – Doctor Specialist in Dentistry
    • Clinical Master’s in Prosthodontics with honors
    • Post Graduate Education: Protection of Master Thesis of Speciality in Prosthodontics Dentistry

    Special Interests:

    • Working with modern technology such as veneers, inlay, onlay, overlay, pinlay ( e-max, LFC, zircon)
    • Metal and non-metal ceramic crowns ( e-max, zircon, LFC)
    • Normalization occlusion ( Aqualase, Michigan)
    • Digital smile design work (DSD)
    • Create temporary crowns and bridges in a clinical way
    • Produce acrylic removable prosthesis
    • Assemble Partial removable denture (with attachments, Riggels, interlocs and telescopic fixation)
    • Isolation by rubber dam and quick-dam
    • Fixed crown and bridge on implants
    • Treat bruxism
    • Extraction of teeth
    • Scaling of periodontal pockets, immobilization of the teeth with FiberSplint
    • Hemisection and amputation of the roots
    • Modern diagnostic with X-ray, computer tomography, panoramic X-ray
    • Direct restorations by composite materials
    • Splint- therapy with antibacterial solutions
    • Endodontic dentistry using rotary systems such as Mtwo, ProTaper, ProFile
    • Ultrasonic irrigation and using EndoActivatorion
    • Obturation canals by lateral condensation and vertical condensation (Obtura II)
    • Using Diode and Erbium laser in modern dentistry (gummy smile, soft tissue
    • recontouring, crown lengthening)