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    Dr. Mickael Malle


    Dr Mickael Malle obtained his Master’s Degree in Chiropractic at the Franco European Medical Center (Paris France).

    Mickael devoted himself fully in the pursuit of professional cycling. He was a member of France’s National Road Cycling team in the youth category and become a professional after obtaining his baccalaureate. Through his period of time he participated in international races around the world and was the champion in overall ranking of the Madagascar and Mauritius Tours.

    As a professional cyclist, Mickael realized it was a critical to receive good treatment for sports injuries, and was particularly grateful for the support of his chiropractor throughout his practices and competition.  It spurred the interest and desire in him to be able to do the same for people suffering from pain and set him ambition towards being a chiropractic doctor.

    Upon obtaining his diploma, he worked in France and in Vietnam (American Chiropractic Clinic) serving athletes, children adults and seniors.

    The experience of his past cycling career is a distinct advantage for Mickael in treating pains and injuries with a deep understanding from the perspective of athletes. For him, the most gratifying rewards in his practice.

    He has a holistic approach to optimize the wellbeing of his patients. He uses different techniques that adopt to everyone.

    Fluent in: English & French

    Nationality: French

    Training / Field of Medicine: Chiropractor

    Qualifications: Franco European Chiropractic Institute (Paris- France)

    Services provided:

    – Postural correction using chiropractic adjustment to normalize joint motion, nerve function, and musculoskeletal alignment using manual and the latest mechanical technique and promoting wellness.
    – Extra spinal (extremities) such as shoulder, elbows, hands, knees and ankles for better motion.
    – Spinal decompression, a non-surgical technique for treating disc injuries and nerve compression.
    – Sports chiropractic programs designed to help you rehabilitate an injury or improve your athletic performance.
    – Pediatric chiropractic programs.