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    Dr. Mohamad Alfraih


    Dr. Mohamad Alfraih is a Home Healthcare General Practitioner from Syria with a specialization in General Surgery. He speaks English and Arabic.

    Dr. Alfraih can help patients with digestive diseases, and in the diagnosis and treatment of viral diseases, respiratory diseases, endocrine diseases, blood diseases, allergic diseases, and infectious diseases among others.

    Fluent in: Arabic & English

    Nationality: Syrian

    Training / Field of Medicine: Doctor in Medicine, Specialization in General Surgery


    • Doctor in Medicine – Damascus University – Syria
    • Specialization in General Surgery – Alasaad University Hospital – Damascus Syria

    Professional Organizations / Membership

    • Member of the Syrian Association of Gastroenterologists
    • Member of Syrian Association of General Surgeons
    • Member of the Syrian Association of Laparoscopic Surgery

    Special Interests:

    • Gut health (IBS, GERDS, Liver Disorders, IBD, Food Allergies and Food Sensitivities, Celiac Disease, Non-celiac gluten sensitivities)
    • Primary Health Checkup
    • Annual Screening
    • Home Healthcare Service
    • Followup on patients after surgery
    • Providing primary care for trauma and accident patients
    • Management of patients admitted to the hospital for various diseases including Digestive diseases such as Gastroenteritis, Biliary colic, gastric ulcer, biliary and liver disease, acute and chronic pancreatitis, and Esophageal infections.
    • Diagnosis and treatment of viral diseases, respiratory diseases, endocrine diseases, blood diseases, allergic diseases and infectious diseases, among others
    • Diagnosis and emergency care for patients with injuries, lesions, and poisoning
    • Examination of patients to identify those who require emergency specialized medical care.
    • Examination of patients with various illnesses that will require emergency specialized medical.
    • Medical evacuation and transportation of patients with simultaneous monitoring of vital functions and their maintenance or substitution during the provision of specialized emergency medical care