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    Dr. Mona Cherif Specialist Family Medicine Doctor in Dubai GMCClinics Sports Medicine

    Dr. Mona Cherif

    Specialist Family Medicine, Sports Medicine & Group Medical Director

    Dr. Mona Cherif is a Family Medicine Specialist with over 20+ years of experience.

    As a Family Medicine Specialist, she provides comprehensive and continuing care for the management of chronic & infectious diseases, general medical check-ups, and vaccination for all ages.

    Dr. Mona has a sub-speciality in Sports Medicine with a focus on clinical assessment of injury and rehab protocols, and medical care of athletes across all ages and all levels of participation.

    Dr. Mona practices Mesotherapy for musculoskeletal disorders.

    Dr. Mona is also an Expert in Body Damage Assessment.

    Fluent in: English, French & Arabic

    Nationality: French


    • Medical Doctor (French Board)
    • Diploma in Sports Medicine
    • Diploma in Mesotherapy
    • Diploma in Body Damage Assessment as Expert

    Professional Organization/Membership:

    • French Order of Physicians
    • French Society of Sports Medicine
    • French Society of Mesotherapy

    Area of Interest:

    • General Medicine
    • Sports Medicine (back pain, joint pain, muscle pain)
    • Mesotherapy
    • Preventive Medicine, Check-ups
    • Health and Fitness Promotion
    • Cancer Detection
    • Vaccination in Adults and Children
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