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    Physiotherapist Mehvish Qaim Din GMC Clinics Dubai Mehvish Qaim Din GMC Clinics Dubai

    Mehvish Qaim Din


    Physiotherapist/Acupuncturist by Mehvish Qaim Din

    Mehvish Qaim Din is a highly qualified Physiotherapist/Acupuncturist from Pakistan who’s now working at GMC Clinics and is part of our Physiotherapist Team.

    Outside of her main medicine field, our Physiotherapist specialist has expertise in Cardio rehabilitation, Neurorehabilitation, Post-operative rehabilitation, Manual therapy, Acupuncture therapy, and Kinesiology taping.

    Fluent in: English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi

    Nationality: Pakistani

    Training / Field of Medicine: Physiotherapist/Acupuncturist


    • Doctor Of Physical Therapy (DPT)
    • Certifications in cupping therapy and acupuncture therapy

    Her expertise includes:

    • Cardio rehabilitation
    • Neurorehabilitation
    • Pediatric rehabilitation
    • Postoperative rehabilitation
    • Manual therapy
    • Acupuncture therapy
    • Kinesiology taping
    • Cupping/ Hijama therapist


    Mehvish Qaim Din Physiotherapist GMC Clinics Dubai

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