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    Universal Children’s Day!

    In line with Universal Children’s day, we would like to highlight the issue: bullying

    Ask yourself these questions:

    Is your child afraid to go to school?Is your child easily frustrated/angered?
    Has your child had a sudden decline in grades?Explosive and impulsive?
    Shows up with unexplained bruises?Aggressive towards other children
    or animals?
    Seems more withdrawn?Has a hard time following rules & uncooperative with you or teachers?
    Your child may be a victim of bullyingYour child may be a bully

    These are the warning signs of bullying. They have painful, negative, long-lasting effects on everyone involved.

    At GMCClinics we understand that being a parent isn’t always easy and that bullying is an important, yet, challenging issue for any parent to address. That’s why we’ve added Alina Vasilache, Clinical Psychologist, to the GMCClinics family. Alina specializes in family and group therapy for adolescents and adults, emotional dependence and bullying among children.

    Along with GMCClinics, Alina aims to facilitate and promote personal well-being and independence among all clients.

    If you’re concerned that your child may be a victim of bullying, or may be bullying other children, make an appointment with our Clinics Psychologist, Alina Vasilache. Together we can make your child’s world a happier, healthier & safer place. 

    Alina is available in the following clinics:

    Jumeirah – 04 349 4880
    Tecom – 04 567 6888