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    Doctor on Call for Dubai Residents

    What are the Benefits of Doctor on Call for Dubai Residents?

    Apart from being one of the best cities that offers top-notch medical services, Dubai has many health services such as doctor on call. Sometimes, it can be challenging to juggle busy weekdays and looking after your health.

    Being sick is one of the most stressful periods of our lives, especially if we have to frequent the hospital. It is at this time when you feel helpless and frail and wish to get better fast. Many Dubai residents realize this; that is why they are starting to embrace doctor on call services to get treatment at the convenience of their homes.

    What Services do Doctors on Call Offer?

    Home healthcare Dubai doctors specially 800GMCDOC offer several services, for instance, primary care, which includes various medical services. These include diagnosis, treatment, and caring for people with various health problems. Primary healthcare providers also help in managing and monitoring ongoing and pre-existing conditions.

    A doctor on call in Dubai from 800GMCDOC also helps to prevent diseases and maintain perfect health. Our physician provides services within his field of expertise. A doctor on call also does routine follow-ups to monitor your condition and ensure that you respond positively to treatment.

    Physical and speech therapies are also some of the services offered by doctors on call. These services benefit people of all ages, especially those who cannot travel to hospitals or those who require specialized care.

    Benefits of Doctor on Call for Dubai Residents

    A doctor on call has many benefits that many Dubai residents are starting to embrace. The following list contains the advantages of investing in home healthcare Dubai specialists:


    Sometimes, we worry so much, especially when we have a sick loved one or a child at home, and we are not around to care for them. Home healthcare Dubai specialist eases the burden by being around when we can’t not only to care of them but to also make changes around the house, such as removing a slippery rug.

    Also, when you are sick, you might not want to go anywhere, or you might not have the strength to reach the hospital, a doctor on call in Dubai is convenient. It is as simple as dialing and requesting services from a professional physician. This is also made easy by the availability of portable medical tools; this means you will get the same services if you visit a hospital.

    Better Patient Care

    Home healthcare Dubai (800GMCDOC) providers are not in a hurry when treating patients compared to doctors in hospitals. This is because there is no long queue of patients waiting to see the physician. When a doctor comes to your home, he has time to conduct a comprehensive examination, probe extensively, and address your concerns individually. The physician can focus on your case because there are no distractions. This is because you are the only patient the doctor has to concentrate on at that moment.

    Family Support

    Hospitals always restrict the hours you can visit a loved one. However, with a doctor on call in Dubai (800GMCDOC), you are always at home where family and friends can visit anytime. Also, you don’t have to stay in the unfamiliar environment of a hospital wing or share it with other patients. Being around your loved ones help in faster recovery and positive response to therapy and medication.

    Decreases Hospital Readmission

    Investing in home healthcare Dubai services can reduce your risk of getting hospital readmission. This is because your chances of recovery are high, which means a lower risk of hospitalization.

    This happens because there are lower risks of infections, which happen after a prolonged period of inactivity, such as when you are on bed rest and other activities which can slow down recovery at the hospital.

    Getting healthcare services at home and being in that comfortable environment speeds recovery. This is because; unlike in the hospital where you get things done for you, you can get a glass of milk and make a sandwich by yourself. Also, sleeping comfortably in your own room gives you the energy to perform simple tasks, this speeds recovery.

    Less Expensive

    Having a doctor on call in Dubai is less expensive compared to having a loved one admitted in the hospital. Home healthcare Dubai specialists offer relevant services to individuals who are released from the hospital but require specific care as they recuperate. This also helps you to save on consultation fees and still receive the same services as you would in the hospital.

    Better Management of Medicines

    Medicines are easily mishandled because most family members don’t have the expertise to provide medical care. Home healthcare Dubai specialists relieve family members of the burden of managing drugs by ensuring that the patient takes the correct medication at the right time, and the correct dosage. This prevents harmful drug reactions.


    If you have an elderly patient, investing in a doctor on call in Dubai is a healthy choice because the patient is not only frail but because his immunity is compromised. Germs lurk everywhere, especially in hospitals and doctors’ offices. This is why doctors and nurses wash their hands before and after attending to an individual. However, not all medical personnel do this, which can increase infections and spread of germs.

    Also, patients in the waiting room might touch stuff such as magazines, toys, and other things in the doctor’s office. This means that a chair, knob, or a pen in the hospital might harbor germs. This means home healthcare Dubai specialist is much safer for patients with weak immune who are prone to infections. At home, the patient is exposed to germs which he is already used to, and they pose no risk.

    Home healthcare services are convenient for people of all ages, especially those with weak immunity, such as the elderly and young children. These services not only save on consultation fees, but they also save time and reduce the risk of readmission. You can also avoid getting infections because of prolonged hospital stays. The good thing about doctors on call is that they offer the same services you would receive in the hospital.