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    What are the Benefits of Medical Home Visits Services in Dubai?

    Ever been so sick you thought it was impossible to get to the hospital? Or do you have special needs that cannot be adequately met in the hospital for whatever reason? Or maybe you want to receive treatment from the comfort of your home? Well, home healthcare services are your answer if you check any of the above boxes.

    Medical Home Visits services are just that – medical care and health services provided at the patient’s abode. The in-home healthcare services are a perfect fit for special needs patients like the elderly, patients recovering from surgery, disabled and the chronically ill. Home healthcare services include home nursing care, home doctor care, companionship, physical therapy, medicare, post-surgery care, among a glut of other services.
    Let’s have a look at the reasons why home healthcare services are not such a bad idea.

    Benefits of Home Healthcare Services


    Over the past decade, home healthcare services or doctor on call in Dubai have grown exponentially. With the advent of many health service providers, even the big hospitals have embraced this Avant-Garde idea.
    A salient characteristic, home healthcare is comparatively cheaper than the traditional hospital setting in-patient services and treatments. You will get similar services at a fraction of what you would pay for in the hospital. As if that’s not enough, doctors on call services provide specialized services specifically tailored to the patient’s needs. The fact that these home healthcare services are cheaper than their alternatives does not mean that the services are sub-par. On the contrary, home healthcare services ensure that the patients receive certified and experienced medical practitioners more than equal to the tasks they have at hand. An additional advantage is they give the family based caretakers a break from the enormous nursing responsibilities so that they can fully concentrate on the assigned patients.

    Focused and Quality Care

    This is another massive advantage over being a resident in a hospital. Medical home visits services ensure that the patients receive one-on-one care and attention from the medical practitioner. Hence, they guarantee top-notch personalized care of the patients while dispelling any anxiety harbored by the patient.

    Privacy and Comfort

    A huge selling point of the home healthcare services is the privacy and comfort they offer the patients while recovering. Let’s face it, for the most part; the halls of hospitals and nursing institutions are mostly depressing and unforgiving. The fact that you have to look at individuals suffering similar or even worse plights doesn’t help. As opposed to being a resident in a nursing establishment, patients of home healthcare services have the luxury of recovering from the comfort and safety of their homes. The patient can have the accompanying nurses or medical practitioners adjust their treatment methods and routines to maximize their comfort. Additionally, the medical practitioners give advice on how to set up the living space to avoid falls and injuries to patients, which may put their health and well-being at risk.

    Family Supervision and Assistance

    Family supervision and support is another vital reason why home healthcare services have become so popular. Having the family near the caregivers in these home healthcare service schemes enables the family to monitor the recovery process and assist where needed. This is a much better alternative from the in-patient services provided in the hospital. While taking nothing away from the in-patient services the sick receive in hospitals, it is a much better alternative to closely monitor the care given to a sick person to help reduce the cases of negligence on the part of the nurses.

    Wound Dressing

    Patients with recurring or persistent wounds are better off treated from the comfort of their home. The frequent movement to and from hospitals can increase the chances of infections, putting them at risk the more. With medical home visits services, nurses are available to attend to patients needing such medical services. Nurses attend to these patients by first cleaning their wounds, disinfecting them, and then dressing them to avoid any exposure to germs. Afterwards, they keep track of the patients’ progress to make sure there are complications associated with their wounds.

    This is another big advantage of home healthcare services. The trained professional caregivers ensure that the dietary needs of the patients are well met. They do this by providing nutritional charts and diet plans to help the patients live a wholesome and healthy life. They can even help the patients shop for required foodstuff and prepare the dishes.

    Management of Medication

    Let’s be honest; medication schedules are the absolute worst because we are always caught up in the daily grind and seemingly tend to forget to take medication. Now imagine how it is for an aging or extremely sick patient. These types of things would typically slip their minds, and home healthcare services provide a remedy for this. The in-house nurses and doctors are always on hand to sort out the types of medication needed by the patients along with the medication schedules. They prevent harmful drug interactions and ensure that the medicines are taken at the appropriate times.

    Better Suited for Some Specific Illnesses

    Medical home visits have been proven to be a better fit for diseases that require excessive care and attention like an array of mental illnesses, diabetes among others. What gives home healthcare services an edge is that the medical practitioners are available 24/7 and are only a call away. This ensures that patients receive continuous care and attention they desperately need.
    The idea of having the most important medications and equipment at a patient’s home does not only offer the needed reassurance that the ailing loved one receives quality medical attention at a favorable price but also reduces the risk of contracting further illnesses through exposure. This is a real win-win situation.

    Home Healthcare Services – In Summary

    Home healthcare services in Dubai and the world over are increasing at an exponential rate. It can be directly attributed to the plethora of advantages stated above and more. Home healthcare services are the future of healthcare in a world that increasingly puts a value on privacy and value for money.