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    What is Aesthetic gynecology? Cosmetic Gynecology in Dubai


    What is Aesthetic gynecology? Cosmetic Gynecology in Dubai

    Lots of questions, so let me explain quickly. We, women, always want to stay young, each part of our body unfortunately sometimes is not as perfect as we want it to be, sometimes it can cause not only aesthetic problems, it can make our life miserable, painful. In order to help women, who are also do not want signs of ageing appear on their private parts aesthetic gynecology is an answer. Just do not be shy, ask your doctor about everything that bothers you, even if it is not related to gynecological field, as you think, complain, and we doctors will try to help, even if it is not our field, we can transfer or guide you to a proper doctor. So, aesthetic gynecology.

    We all hear about PRP, O-shot, G-spot amplification, vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal tightening and many other things. In this pamphlet in brief I will explain “who is who” , and what each procedure is for.

    PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma therapy

    It’s a very good procedure, to start from, that nothing but your own blood will be used for treatment. Your own blood will be taken (not painful), then it will be prepared in a very interesting way and then it will be injected back. So, in a very clean manner, your blood will be taken. Please note, that all instruments, tubes, needles all are disposable. So blood was collected( do not be afraid, I will put anaesthetic cream before) then it will be put in a centrifuge where on a very high speed it will be centrifuged, spin up.

    Why? Just to separate plasma correctly and most sufficiently. Then this plasma with all needed cells will be transferred to another tube where especial additional thing will be added to make the plasma more reach and productive, from this tube unreached plasma will be collected in the syringe and injected into the desired place.

    What is it for? To rejuvenate your private parts, to make it look and feel as if you are a very young lady, let’s be frank here, ageing, pregnancy, childbirth all these factors lead that private part looks old, texture is lost, color is awful. For those who are 45 years plus and entering age of menopause, such condition as vaginal dryness is well known, and very unpleasant, so PRP is for you. Also, recent study in reproductology says that PRP is increasing success rate of IVF and artificial insemination and improves endometrial receptivity. Painless, quick procedure, with no special preparation ( except no alcohol consumption 3 days before procedure, no inflammation in the area) and quick ( cumulative effect) is for you, and plus your private part is not only looking younger and healthier you will have an additional bonus as improved sexual desire


    Very famous procedure all over the world. Targeting lots of problems. First and most important-helps you in case of urine leakage, very embarrassing for ladies condition that affects their life. O-shot, is a miracle injection. See, with one injection you will get rid of urinary leakage, improve appearance of private part, increase sexual desire and arousal, fight dryness in private parts and also may help in solving such uncomfortable condition as painful intercourse and this is very important too. Do not be afraid procedure is absolutely painless, as local anaesthetic creams will be used before we start.

    G-spot amplification

    I think, everybody knows about G-spot. Fewer people know that G-spot was discovered…in 1940!! By German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg, everybody knows that this is a pleasure spot in the female body. Why to increase it in size? Less effort from partner’s sight will lead you to a very nice mood. Procedure is painless, no additional preparation except excluding inflammation. The procedure is done with the help of injection of hyaluronic acid in a specific area. No restrictions after injection. The procedure is painless, as we are using anesthetic creams.

    Vaginal tightening

    Lots of women have concerns about appearance of private part after pregnancies and childbirth, sometimes it may need only additional exercises to strengthen the muscles of targeting area, sometimes surgical correction may be needed, sometimes laser treatment will help, mechanism of laser action we are discussing on our free educational lections, so feel free to come and ask any questions.


    Also a very sensitive problem, often it can be a sign of some problems in reproductive area, or a sign of some problems with glucose level in your blood and it may need complex treatment. But as we discuss only aesthetic part in here, so for now such procedures like chemical peeling, laser treatment, micro-needling treatment may be helpful. Again do not be afraid procedure is painless, as anaesthetics will be used before procedures will start, and some procedures like laser and chemical peeling are absolutely painless.


    One more mark, that excess weight and childbearing will stay on our bodies. I will not lie to you and will not promise that all strias will be gone. If you start to fight with strias when they are red in colour, the results will be much better, if you start treatment when they are white colour, it may need more efforts…but in any case appearance of skin will improve. What are we using for that? Laser, micro needling, peelings, injection of different vitamins, and many other interesting things.

    How things works, what are possible side effects, are there side effects and many other questions we will discuss on our free educational lessons, that is held each first Saturday of the week, time and location you can find out by calling to GMCClinics.

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