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    Doctor on call Dubai

    What To Do When You are Sick in Dubai

    Nobody likes being sick, especially when you have a communicable disease and cannot interact freely with others. There is nothing good about being sick; however, when you are in Dubai, you are assured of the best in healthcare.

    The state of healthcare in Dubai is on the same level as that of the USA and Western Europe. There are many private and public health facilities with qualified medical personnel and equipped with the latest equipment. The government is very supportive and ensures that every resident has access to proper medical care.

    Some of the Reasons Why Dubai has the Best Healthcare System

    Dubai leads in many areas, including the health sector. Apart from having the best hospitals and modern technology, the facilities cater to residents, expats, and tourists. Unlike in many countries where public facilities lack medication, sufficient staff, and equipment, public hospitals in Dubai have high standards and are advanced. Private health facilities are also advanced and offer treatment per medical practice. The Dubai Health Authority regulates both private and public hospitals. This is the body that ensures that all medical personnel follow proper medical practices.

    What to Do When You are Sick in Dubai

    When you are sick, what you want most is to get better and continue with your everyday life. But what should you do when you get sick in Dubai?

    Visit a Hospital

    The standard of health facilities in Dubai is very high, and the personnel are not only qualified but also friendly. You can get premium healthcare in both private and public hospitals. When you’re sick, you can search for a doctor online. The best thing about this is that you will get a list of all the hospitals and also the ones near your locality.

    Although public hospitals offer the same standard of services as private health facilities, you can visit a private hospital. Expats love private health facilities because they have people of different nationalities and they speak English.

    To receive treatment in government ran facilities, you need a UAE health card. Also, if you don’t have health insurance, it is advisable to get a health card. This will help to minimize the costs of treatment. The medical card is also important because your health insurance policy might not cover some treatments.

    Emergency Situations

    If you are very sick and can’t reach any hospital, you can call 998 to get an ambulance from anywhere in the UAE. Also, they might send an air ambulance if necessary. Both private and public hospitals can handle any kind of emergency. During a medical emergency, any hospital will admit you and then transfer you to a better-equipped health facility if the need arises.

    Visitors can expect standard medical services from both government and private health facilities. However, in case you require emergency treatment to stabilize you, they will do it for free, but you have to pay for other treatments either with a credit card, insurance, or cash.

    Doctor on Call in Dubai

    When you’re feeling frail, you might opt for home healthcare Dubai services. Investing in a doctor on call in Dubai (800GMCDOC) is convenient because you get the choice of choosing the type of services you want, depending on how much you can afford.

    A doctor on call in Dubai is cheaper compared to staying at a hospital, and you will get the same quality of services you would in any hospital. You can also benefit from these services when you are released from the clinic as you recuperate at home.

    Home healthcare Dubai services give you privacy as you recover. There is no disturbance from nurses or other patients, and you don’t have to share any facilities. You recover at the comfort of a familiar and comfortable environment which speeds up the process.

    Another reason why you ought to consider having a doctor on call in Dubai is that you will receive better care. You are the only patient the physician attends to at home moment, and there are no distractions from nurses or any emergencies. The doctor will concentrate on your issues and give you his undivided attention.

    When you are sick, you might not want to interact with a lot of people. However, receiving home healthcare Dubai services ensures that you are at home and surrounded by loved ones. Family members motivate us during hard times, and they support us when we are down.

    Take a Sick Leave

    Sometimes, your doctor might recommend several days of rest; that is why you need to take a sick leave. Before taking a sick leave you have to understand that if you are under probation or the sickness was because of ill behavior, such as drunkenness, you are not entitled to a sick leave.

    According to the law, you are entitled to a sick leave of at least 90 days a year, after 3 months. Your sick leave can be intermittent or continuous. Before taking a sick leave, you ought to notify your employer about your illness within 2 days.

    Dental Care

    Finding a good dentist is necessary because having bad dental implants or cavities does not only cause pain, but they take your confidence as well. If you require an implant or any dental services, you ought to conduct proper research on different facilities to understand how they handle different procedures.

    To avoid adding problems to your condition, ensure that the dentist is competent and registered with a dentistry board. Apart from inquiring about the cost, ask about the length of the treatment. Also, ask the dentist about home care and how to care for your implants and about future dental visits.

    Being sick is stressful and frustrating because you can’t be as productive as you regular days. You can either visit a private or a government hospital for high-quality services. Both facilities have qualified personnel and modern technology. You can also opt for a doctor on call in Dubai (800GMCDOC), which is convenient because you don’t have to go anywhere. You are also surrounded by your family, who offer emotional support.