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    Why Home Healthcare Service is a Good Alternative for Ramadan

    Home healthcare services are provided from the comfort and safety of one’s home. These services are given to people who have experienced injuries, illnesses or for older adults who cannot take care of themselves. Ramadan is the holy month where Muslims are required to fast from dawn to dusk.

    Fasting during Ramadan is mandatory for all Muslims in Dubai; however, children, expectant women, nursing mothers, and the sick are exempted from this holy activity. It is preferable for the sick and the elderly to seek the services of home healthcare specialists to avoid inconveniencing other family members.

    Types of Home Healthcare

    Before deciding to get home healthcare, it is necessary to differentiate the various services offered so you can settle for one that suits your condition.

    Doctor Care

    This service is provided by a qualified physician who is responsible for restoring and improving the patient’s health through diagnosis, treatment of ailments, diseases, and impairments.

    Nursing Care

    Registered nurses can offer home healthcare services in Dubai. These nurses have extensive knowledge on diagnosing and treating both mild and chronic conditions. Sometimes, nurses work in consultation with doctors to provide services such as wound dressing, pain control, monitoring general health, and administering medication.

    Therapy Services

    These include speech, occupational, and physical therapy. These specialists provide home healthcare services in all seasons even in Ramadan. Patients who have suffered severe injuries due to injuries or have suffered certain illnesses might need therapy to help them recover.

    A speech therapist is assigned to patients who have speech impairment to help them regain the capability to communicate effectively. An occupational therapist helps individuals with developmental and emotional challenges to relearn how to perform chores for themselves. Physical therapists assist patient in regaining the use of their joints and muscles.

    Pharmaceutical Services

    Patients who are unable to visit the hospital regularly due to their conditions can have prescribed medication and equipment to their homes. The patients are trained on how to take the medicines and use the equipment to improve their health.

    Reasons Why Medical Home Visits Services are Convenient during Ramadan

    To most people, doctors on call during Ramadan is affordable, safe, and individualized. During this season, Muslims are required to observe specific practices such as praying at certain times and family members might not be around to care for the sick members.

    The following tips will show you why seeking home healthcare services during Ramadan is convenient:

    Easily Accessible

    Doctors on call will be available when other people are not around to provide the necessary care. Qualified personnel will ensure that the home is risk-free especially for senior citizens who might be prone to falls and injuries. Home healthcare services will give you rest during the month of Ramadan because you are ensured that your loved one is getting professional care.


    Since home healthcare is provided at the patient’s abode, he will have privacy when receiving personal care and assistance away from the crowded hospitals; therefore, maintaining their dignity. Patients will also not feel guilty when they do not fast because they won’t mingle with the public.


    Patients might be confused or forget to take medication; this is where home healthcare services help especially during the month of Ramadan where many activities take place. The elderly are the most forgetful but with the help of these services they get to take the right medication at the correct time.

    Diet and Nutrition

    The reason why the sick and the elderly are among the group of people who are exempt from fasting is because their bodies are weak and cannot sustain themselves for extended periods without food. Senior citizens, individuals on bed rest, those with injuries, and other chronic conditions might be picky when it comes to the food they eat. Home healthcare service providers hatch a plan to incorporate all the nutritious foods in their diets to ensure a speedy recovery and prevent malnutrition.


    Senior citizens and patients with chronic conditions find it easy to open up about their views and conditions to home healthcare service providers; especially during the special month of Ramadan. Whereas everybody is away praying, they spend time with these specialists who later become trusted allies.

    Individual Treatment

    Patients receive treatment at their homes which means that the doctor’s or the nurse’s focus will be on them. They receive individualized care, and since they feel safe and comfortable in their homes, they open up about their conditions and symptoms without fear. Receiving home healthcare service during the month of Ramadan keeps the patients out of the hospitals and streets.


    Unlike nursing homes and hospitals, home healthcare service is affordable especially in Ramadan because the physician is not required to visit the patient every day. Where the patient needs daily care, the specialist comes during the scheduled hours which mean that you are only charged for those hours.

    Quick Recovery

    Patients who are treated at home record positive outcomes and speedy recovery. Being at the comfort of one’s home surrounded by loved ones while receiving treatment improves the patient’s condition. Individuals suffering from chronic conditions and diseases such as diabetes, and pneumonia record better health compared to those in hospitals.

    Medical home visits services are convenient, affordable, and ensure the privacy of patients. During the Holy month of Ramadan, most people fast although the elderly and the sick are allowed to skip this activity. Home care professionals ensure that patients follow their prescriptions, eat healthy foods, get sufficient rest and necessary exercise as well as refrain from dangerous activities. Certain home care services do not require a prescription, for example, personal care.